Artificial Sweeteners that are safe for kids

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    • Artificial Sweeteners that are safe for kids

      Hi all,

      Can anyone give me some advice on artificial sweeteners that are safe to give to children.

      Somebody posted that Stevia and Monkfruit are the only two that are natural sweeteners and safe for kids, but I'm always worried about these things.

      Its very hard to make something like chocolate cupcakes or a cheesecake without them wanting to have some too!
    • I would give my kids a moderate amount of artificially sweetened food as an occasional thing. It is obviously a huge grey area. Real maple syrup doesn't last long in our house, and when it runs out my kids just use my sugar-free maple-flavoured syrup, which they like. I try to tell them not to, but they figure if it's good enough for Daddy....

      When I make pancakes, for example, I make two batches - one batch with flour for the rest of the family and one batch with psyllium husks for myself. The only low-carb cake I make on a regular basis is cheesecake, which my kids don't like anyway. But if they did, I'd probably make two cheesecakes at a time (one with sugar and one with artificial sweetener).