Hello to all

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    • Hello to all

      Hi all just introducing myself my name is cliff I’m retired and have had type2 diabetes for about 20 years now, I am using 2 types of insulin and I have a lot of insulin resistance. I have had bowl cancer removed in 2016 and due to complications during surgery a Stoma was created I had a illostomy bag for about 15-16 months which was reversed 07/2018, hence my interest in low card eating.
      I’ve been eating low card only for 2 weeks, and my blood sugar levels have dropped dramatically to the the point that it’s only occasionally I inject rapid, at this time my use of lantus stays the same, I hope to walk later but it’s not possible at the moment.
      My cancer staging is 2a so there was no need for chemo or radio therapy, well that’s a bit about me so see you in the threads I guess all the best cliff