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    • Hello everyone. I live in Australia and am retired. I am new to this site and a newbie to the Keto as well. I have been on it for 3 weeks and have lost 3 kilos. I only want to lose another 5 to feel good about myself again but am thinking that when I reach my goal i would like to stay on Keto as i feel it is so healthy and i certainly feel so much better about myself. It has made me more aware of where the calories/carbs have been coming from in my previous diet.

      Having said that I am finding that 3 weeks in I am starting to feel it is hard work. I am not one for cooking you see, my husband loves doing that but I dont want to make him do all this extra stuff for me as he isnt interested in dieting himself. I really stuggle the most with breaky. I am going to look like a fried egg bacon and mushroom before long. I really love cereal or toast for breakfast so I miss it terribly and that is the hardest meal for me to cope with on keto.

      Would love to find out what other simple (preferably no cooking involved) breakfast meals i can eat. :/
    • Welcome JanAnV,

      Psyllium husk pancakes with sugar free maple syrup are a good breakfast option, especially if you need a bit of extra fibre.

      There is a whole section for breakfast ideas:

      When Sherrie drops by I have no doubt that she will give you a better steer in the right direction than I can.
    • Thankyou Big Bill, I have been making these pancakes and the first couple of times i thought they tasted wonderful. I think because they were new to me and now when I make them I tell myself, these taste like omlette. :( I do have the sugar free maple syrup too. Thankyou all the same. I am waiting for my keto friendly recipes of bread book to arrive in the post. Hoping I can make a bread i can slice up and freeze and have toast for breaky again. I will look at that recipe section. Thank you.
    • I am not a breakfast eater but I used to like psyllium pancakes, cream cheese pancakes which I think the original recipe here is called easy peasy pancakes, oopsie rolls, cream cheese muffins and ostplatter. Many years ago I would also often have a piece of low carb cheese cake for breakfast.

      I’ve noticed when out shopping there’s lots of low carb breads out there that may be an option. You might find some good cereal options too.

      We do have a breads recipe thread too.
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      Let me know if you think of anything else handy from the site to put here.