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    • A couple of years ago I started reducing my carb intake step by step.
      The most worrying issues disappeared within days, just by dashing sugar, fruit juices and softdrinks alltogether. Then I knew that I was on the right way.
      When i was used to “no sugar” I dashed all pasta, rice etc.
      That had further effects, but there were still some issues left.
      Then I dashed all fruit and vegetables.
      It was really getting better now and I had lost some weight already.
      Now that I was trying to get into the ketogenic range of carb intake I also dashed all fresh milk.
      Since at least 2 years I get around 20g a day on average.
      With time I could slowly introduce vegetables again.
      I feel as if I have more energy than ever before in my life.

      For a long time I was just eating individual ingredients. I would boil or fry some eggs, have some bone marrow, some cream … whatever, but I didn’t combine them to anything deserving to be called a dish.
      But a few months ago I started developing my own keto recipes.
      ... and there is a lot to be invented as there is a bigger proportion of non-working ketogenic recipes than average.
    • Hi Gearloose,

      I eat a lot of non-starchy vegetables and stay in ketosis. The thing is that once you are in ketosis, they taste a lot better and are more satisfying. Even half a kilo of Brussels sprouts, neat, is one of my favourite meals.

      I went cold turkey on all carbs this time around. Processed sugar is the most important to cut out due to its negative hormonal and metabolic effects.

      You are doing really well and I would love to see your recipes. Do you have cheat meals or days occasionally?