Konjac Noodles, Shirataki

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    • Konjac Noodles, Shirataki

      950ml salt water
      1.5g calcium hydroxide
      40g konjac flour (glucomanan)

      Water pan approx. 3l
      silicone coated whisk
      pasta machine
      glass bowl
      Refrigerator / freezer
      Scale with 0.1g division

      phase 1:
      Cool the salt water to 0 ° C (salt water is not yet freezing at 0 ° C)

      phase 2:
      Weigh the calcium hydroxide and the konjac flour.
      Fill the glass bowl with cold tap water, let it stand and pour it out.
      Put the chilled salt water in the bowl.
      Stir in the konjac flour quickly and evenly with the whisk.
      As soon as the mass slightly thickens, stir the calcium hydroxide with 1 tablespoon of cold water and mix in with the whisk.
      Cover the bowl and let it stand at room temperature at least overnight.

      phase 3:
      Assemble the pasta press.
      Fill the press cylinder with the pasta mass.
      Bring the salt water to the boil and place it under the pasta press so that the water surface is only about 1 cm below the press cylinder.
      Insert the press cylinder and slowly press the pasta directly into the hot water.
      When the cylinder is pressed empty, wait a little and then remove it and cut off the remaining pasta with a table knife.
      Put the pan back on the stove and bring to the boil again.
      Remove the pasta with a skimmer ladle.
      If the noodles stick together, you can separate them with your fingers or large tweezers.











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