Incuction veggies with a roast.....

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    • Incuction veggies with a roast.....

      I am not a veggie person and can't eat any raw. I figure cooked is at least the next best thing! LOL
      There are some veggies listed out that are the best to be eating, especially during induction. I'm wondering if anyone knows of some that would be good to add to a roast instead of the standard potatoes and carrots.
      Doing well so far - on day 6 and I've lost 5 pounds already!!! Figured I have about 77 more to go, but hey, I'm started!
    • Hi there...

      Good ones (from a vitamin perspective) are
      brussels (if you like them - i dont personally !! :D)

      The goodone is brocolli, as its low in GI, high in vitamins and pretty low in carbs !!

      Cheers, Matt.
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    • Oooh yes make a broccoli, cauliflower and cheese bake. The recipe should be here in the forums, makes a big batch so great for leftovers.

      Of top of my head it something like:

      Broccoli (500g)
      Cauliflower (250g)
      1 cup cream
      1 egg
      1-2 cup grated cheese.
      Herbs, seasonings

      Mix up and pour over broccoli/cauli and cook in over for around 40mins.
    • i use turnips instead of potatoes, says:
      1 medium turnip
      P 1.5g F 0g C 3.5g Cals 19

      they taste great roasted.

      another fave is a zucchini, onion, tomato bake, with cheese ontop. you add garlic and a little water, layer the other 3 vegies, grate chees on top and bake. very yummy (haven't worked out carbs to that yet sorry).
      cheers, sam

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    • I had roasted eggplant on the weekend and that was really nice as well. Dont know the carb count though but am assuming it cant be much as it is on the approved vege list I think.

      Actually just looked it up on diet club and eggplant boiled (per 100grams) is:

      19 calories
      0.5 total fats
      3 Carbs
      1 Protein
      2.5 Fibre

      Obviously it will be a little more if roasted though.
    • Thanks everyone! While I didn't get replies soon enough for last nights dinner, I will be putting the info away for later. Didn't end up using veggies in the roast. Did sautee some sliced zucchini with a small can of sliced mushrooms - all in bacon grease. Yum! Overcooked it I think - especially since Atkins says the best way to eat the veggies is as close to raw as you can get. At least that is what I got out of it. But, I don't do raw veggies.
      Will have to try the veggie bake - so far I've been steaming broc and cauliflower and shredding mozarella ?? and chedder cheese over it. Not bad and easy.
      Will be interested in trying turnips - I've got bad visions of them with rabbits for some reason, but maybe in a roast! :)
      Looks like I've come down with a cold this morning - wonderful. Hopefully the Atkins vitamins I started last night will help. Using the Basic 3.
      Again, thanks!