Jerusalem artichoke & pumpkin frittata!- can you say yummo?

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    • Jerusalem artichoke & pumpkin frittata!- can you say yummo?

      Okay so I work in a fruit and veg shop, so we get recipe cards in all the time. i always go through them eagerly for some nice low carb recipes and i do believe ladies and gents i have hit the jackpot! So without further adieu, i give you jerusalem artichoke and pumpkin frittata!

      Ingredients: (how i do it!)

      2 tbs olive oil (need a little more to grease)
      500g of butternut pumpkin cut into 2cm cubes.
      250gs of jerusalem artichokes cut into 2cm cubes.
      2 rashers of bacon (optional)
      6 large eggs
      1/3 cup of cream
      2/3 cup of parmesan cheese (i've used cheddar as well and prefer that over parmesan, but thats personal choice)
      thyme leaves (i used mixed herbs)
      salt and black pepper to taste


      1. Preheat oven to 180degrees. Grease a baking dish or pie plate with oil (not the allocated 2tbs)

      2. Heat oil in frying pan over medium-high heat. Add pumpkin and artichokes and cook, stir occassionally. I wait until they are soft and havea cooked outside if you get what i mean. That usually takes about 15minutes. When cooked drain on paper towel and spoon into the greased dish. Place bacon that has been cut into strips over the vegies

      3. Whisk the eggs, cream, cheese and herbs together ina mixing bowl and pour over the vegetables.

      4. Bake in oven for 35-40minutes. I find it usually takes about 45.

      5. Eat, enjoy and wish for more!

      Recipe card says serves 4, but i debate that! they would be huggggge serves, i say about 6- and thats a good sized chunk!

      Notes: On the original recipe card it says 1kilo of butternut pumpkin but i find that waaaay too excessive! 500grams is HEAPS and keeps the carbs down alot!

      jerusalem artichokes for anyone who doesnt know look very nugget like, almost like ginger, but they taste nothing like that.. if i had to describe the flavour i would say nutty?? i don't know but they are yummo! We sell them at my work for $4.99 a kilo so it is not too bad! may be a little hard to find though. says that for the 250g of artichokes its 7.5 carbs! so they are definately us lc'ers friend!

      i really urge anyone to try this it is absolutely yummo! and can be eaten for up to 3 days. i make it up and take it to work, and for my work friends who also think its great!

      give it a go! you won't be dissapointed!
      I get what i want, and i like what i see.