Alternatives to crackers?

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    • Alternatives to crackers?

      Anyone got any ideas? These were my downfall last week (and a couple of others from what I hear)
      I know depending on what I am eating it with I could use celery sticks, but looking for something similar to water crackers, or a fairly low carb alternative for the odd occasion I want cheese on crackers :) I am thinking Sams bread slow baked to form little toasty things like you can buy from the shops, but thought someone else might have other answers :)
      Also has anyone tried some of the breads from the Dr Atkins cookbook?
    • good idea with the bread recipe, let us know if it works. i use cheese as crackers and taco shells. here's a good recipe:

      Place non-stick baking paper on the turntable of your microwave making sure it does not extend beyond turntable.

      Sprinkle shredded mild tasting cheese over baking paper. Any mild cheese works, even mozzarella.

      If making chips, then sprinkle about bread plate size to break up later on, or you can make thse size that you want. If making taco shells, then sprinkle to approx size of taco shell if flattened.

      Distribute cheese so it is roughly in a single layer, not in a mound and not with gaps.

      Microwave on high. Watch to see it begin to go brown at the edges first becoming browner towards the centre.

      When the centre is brown (not black) remove from the microwave (about 3 or 4 mintues).

      If making chips, slip the cheese on to a plate covered in paper towel, wait a few minutes, then break up into chip size pieces. Try not to scoff the lot immediately.

      If making taco shells then before removing from oven place wooden spoon so that each end is resting on same size cup. Remove from oven,slip over handle of wooden spoon and bend into shape with oven mitts or kitchen tongs. Start cooking next taco shell. Just before it is cooked, remove one from wooden spoon and repeat process.

      just count the PFC from the amount of cheese you use, but it will be low carb for sure.
      cheers, sam

      go hard...or go home
    • The Kalvi Crispbreads (biscuit aisle in supermarket) are 4g Carb per crispbread but are great with cheese as they're really thin and break easily for portion sizes :) They're in a smaller box than most crackers so you may have to look pretty hard to find them - red and white box. Good luck!
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    • Well, don't worry, I did a goofy thing too!! I used grated low fat cheese as it was all I had. My finding are...low fat cheese does NOT brown, so don't wait for the paper to ignite before you realise that maybe they are ready!! LOL Okay, so I didn't quite go that far, but I did end up with very burnt paper in spots!

      BUT they are a great 'fix' when you need it!!!