Brittle Hair and Nails

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    • I have psoriasis in my scalp (drives me f*%#*$& NUTS) and I'm sure it affects my nails also. I've noticed my hair seems to 'break' now but I am not sure if it is this WOE or the fact that I cut and colour it myself :rolleyes: I've decided to start wearing my hair up which basically means not combing it at all for 2 or 3 days and just leaving my head and hair alone and see how it goes. Sounds gross I know but the young girls at work told me that is the secret for putting your hair up. The less combing the better :D I would straighten my hair each day under a hair dryer so me thinks the less I frig about with it the better it might be!

      What do you think?
      Start date AGAIN August 24 2010

      Cazza xx
    • my dad uses some great shampoo for his scalp psoriasis and it works really well, i'll try find out what it is for you cazza.

      i don't get that but i have extremely thick thick thick hair so i have to wash it every day or i get super itchy head. i switched from using regular shampoo and conditioner to non chemical stuff that i buy from the healthfood shop. it's from Melrose and it is amazing, i can wash my hair every second day now and my hair is really shiny and soft.
      cheers, sam

      go hard...or go home
    • your shampoo sounds cool. I think we get immuned to it so I change mine often. Yes let me know what your dad uses. Is it T-Gel? I have used EVERYTHING over the years and used to have cortisone injections in my scalp once a month! I don't bother now as the lotions and potions are sooooooo expensive but the itching and flakiness is YUK. I wear Navy blue for work and live in black so if you see a blonde constantly swiping her shoulder blades so she doesn't look like a lamington you will know that's me :eek:
      Start date AGAIN August 24 2010

      Cazza xx
    • the only thing i have really noticed about taking the flaxoil is that my fingernails are growing faster. but not stronger, and my toenals, sheesh, they are as brittle and useless as ever.

      it's not TGel, my mum gets it from a health food shop, can't remember the name, and it MAY be something you have to order. i do however recommend using non chemical shampoos & conditioners. some of the ingredients are horrifying. did you know that sodium laurel sulphate (the stuff that causes the foaming) is used as an engine degreaser???????? i mean seriously, you want to put that on your head? my friend's kids both has severe skin allergies for yesars until she took all the commercial products out of the house and replaced them with non chemical products. kids are fine now. i have really sensitive skin and get reactions to makeup - even hypo allergenic stuff, and no wonder with the horrific stuff they use.
      cheers, sam

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    • Hi Sam,
      I am also allergic to shampoo - my scalp just peels off - I buy a shampoo from one of those Hair Products Shops that is Sulfate free. The brand is Mastey - works wonders. I also just use Sorbolene as a soap - it stops your skin drying out.
    • hi denise, i have been using sorbolene soap and moisturiser for years, it is fantastic isn't it. i get comments on my skin being so soft and that is the only thing i can think of that would be the reason, plus not wearing much makeup if ever.

      the shampoo/conditioner i get is Melrose and you buy it in 500ml containers, a little goes a long way. i have long hair that is super thick and i used to go through a bottle of conditioner a week!! i have been using this new stuff for months! it's like $8 per container, no frangrance (i add in eessence if i want it. ) hiar is so much nicer now.
      cheers, sam

      go hard...or go home
    • No flax does'nt help me at all. I have a very oily scalp and skin like I was on steriods or something (This is why I take high doses of B5).
      My hair and nails we're getting really good for a change earlier this year to the point that the hairdresser was so impressed with how soft it is, I thought it was the protien spray I was using but obviously not as I'm still using it except now it makes my hair too oily grr

      I've been trying some shampoo and conditioner by kosmea but I don't like it =(
      I don't put sprays in my hair, blow dry, perm or colour. It's very fine and too me it feels like string =(

      I've tried the T-Gel before and it gives me a rash.

      Maybe its because I'm off the pill?
    • The pill would've controlled the excess oiliness of your skin and hair. Now that I'm in the 'change over' process, my skin is back to breaking out.

      I took flax for a while- it did zilch. My hair is dryer than it once was, but still in good condition. I am very lucky nd have a great set of nails. They are growing quicker on Atkins, but they have more ridges and are dryer than they once were. I wonder if this is a result of the diuretic affect of reducing carbs?
    • just an Idea

      my boyfriend suffers from a skin condition that I have no idea how to spell. BUt he gets red patchs on his face and in his head, and lots of flakey bits.

      I have been using the delorenzo range, they have a relief cream to stop the itch, and also a shampoo and conditioner. ( I think it's called the tricho range).
      I put the cream on every night before he goes to sleep, and he shampoo's every morning. If we do this every day it stays under control, and doesn't get bad.

      For my hair I also use Delorenzo, but as I am a bottle blonde, with very fine hair. I use the repair treatment package about once a month. and wash my hair about 3 times a week.
      But after every shower I use this wonderful stuff called Infinite. That is also made by Delorenzo.

      THe products are reasonable, when you compare them to other hairdressing brands.
      My mum is a hairdresser, so I have always use that kind of stuff. But this is the best that I have found.

      They also have packs available at most place. I pay $15 and get the treatment package + shampoo and conditioner.
      Hope this helps.
    • My hair seems to be going okay, just started a new shamp/cond that has B5 in it so fingers crossed.

      My big problem now is I am malting like you wouldn't believe. I have to be real careful when cooking around food otherwise I'll get hair in it. I'm like leaving a trail of hair along my path. The other day when I went to take Ryan to the dentist (was quoted $4000 roughly for bracers) I went to give her an appointment card and gave her hair aswell LOL
    • it is good to brush your hair every day, about 100 strokes is recommended.
      As the brushing stimulates the scalp, and releases the natural oils in the scalp.
      It will also help the hair grow and stop a dry scalp.

      If I don't brush my hair I have a huge hair loss problem. So although I am filling the brush up with hair it's better than leaving my hair everywhere.
    • be careful about overbrushing your hair, my hairdresser says it can actually stretcht the hair and make it more brittle. don't do it when it's wet that's for sure. sherrie, i moult like a persian cat in moulting seasin, only i do it all the time. the places my BF has found my hair!! ;) i have to vaccum religiously or we have blonde furballs all over the place. i do know that hair loss and weight loss go together, it's mainly when you are losing weight quickly.
      From the Atkins Center site:

      I've noticed some hair loss while I've been doing Atkins. Is this a result of my new eating habits? What can I do?
      It is natural to go through periodic phases of shedding hair. But if this is an ongoing problem, make sure you're not restricting calories or skipping meals. Any weight-loss regimen may lower your metabolic rate, which can result in hair loss. Unlike calorie-restricted diets, Atkins is the least likely of any weight-loss program to contribute to hair loss because the higher caloric content keeps the body from behaving as though it is in a starvation mode. When that happens, your metabolism is lowered as a survival mechanism.

      Alternatively, you might be low in some specific nutrients that could affect your hair loss. You might try adding biotin, N-acetyl-cysteine (NAC), glutathione and lecithin to your diet. If excessive hair loss occurs, see your doctor.

      P.S the melrose shampoo and conditioner i was telling you guys about, it comes in 1 litre bottles not 500ms. they are between 8 and 12 dollars and last forever. i highly recommend it.
      cheers, sam

      go hard...or go home
    • The shampoo I was using was $12-15 per bottle around the 200ml mark.

      But then on Monday I took Ryan for a walk with me and we checked out some new store called The Warehouse. Anyway my B5 radar spotted these bottles of B5 shampoo and conditioner which we're real cheap (They had past expiry) so I grabbed them to try.
      Anyway my scalp hasn't felt itchy since so fingers crossed.

      I've always been a malter too Sam but atm I'm noticably malting more. I wish it was from quick weightloss lol hehe
      Thats why I have a wide toothed comb so I don't stretch my hair so much.
    • B%, is that a protein? sheesh you'd think you'd be getting enough of that anyway.

      i hear your moulting pain sherrie, i really do. if i collected my hair, i would have a hairpiece in a week. of course, i can afford to moult, i have the thickest amount of hair, i would hate tho think what it would be like if i didn't!! a six foot afro!! but i have noticed it is worse lcing. what can you do? hair loss can be hormone imbalance in women, so it could be your body getting used to the changes. mineral deficiencies are usually zinc, selenium, silica and copper.

      Nail deficiencies can be low intake of essential fatty acids, protein, vitamins and minerals. Blackmores says:
      Low iron intake can cause the nails to become spoon-shaped.
      A lack of omega-3 (fish oil) and omega-6 (evening primrose oil) essential fatty acids in the diet can cause the nails to become ridged and brittle.
      Low dietary intake of zinc can cause white spots in the nails.
      Lack of silica can cause the nails to become flaky. Zinc is also an important supplement.
      I am going to try silica and hope the fish oil helps my nails.
      cheers, sam

      go hard...or go home
    • I'm hoping that taking BM fish oil (two caps twice a day) will improve my hair and nails. I've been losing a LOT of hair and it's really thin at the moment. I thought it was my perm, but it's almost grown out now. My nails are growing well, but they are soft and bend backwards - ouch - all the time. Taking Udos Choice and flax capsules didn't appear to help so I've stopped them both and will let you know if there is an improvement.