Home Made Protein Bars

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    • Home Made Protein Bars

      Have just tried to make some home made protein bars, did not have protein powder, but used whey instead, added some peanut butter, and cheese, but does not taste the greatest, any suggestions on making them?? and more tasty:-0
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    • Try this one

      * Mix the ingredients to a stiff consistency, don't worry too much about the accuracy of the ingredients. When made roll them in coconut, this adds a nice texture to them.:D Hope it works for you.:D

      [edit]recipe from attachment:

      home made protein bars

      2 1/3 cups chocolate or vanilla protein powder
      1/2 cup butter
      cocoa (or vanilla essence) to taste
      4 oz cream cheese
      1/2 cup chopped walnuts
      1/4 cup Splenda

      Melt butter and cream cheese and cocoa. Mix in designer protein and Splenda. This will be stiff and hard to stir (knead with clean hands if needed.) Add walnuts and mix again. Place in greased bread pan. (Sprinkle additional finely chopped walnuts on top if you like.) Cool. Cut into 8 servings.

      Makes 8 bars. Approx 2.5 carbs per bar.
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    • Re: Home Made Protein Bars

      I always like to make protein brownies, just subbing chocolate protein powder for the cocoa (or half the cocoa since my little ones love them and technically I shouldn't be letting them have protein powder). They are pretty indistinguishable from the real deal if you use good tasting stuff. I have done this with whey and it worked fine. You can also do that with ice cream I have read but never tried (I just like the real thing too much to mess with it!) There is this website that makes EVERYTHING you can imagine using proteinpowder, I think it is called proteinpow, they get quite creative with it. I think Lauren's healthy indulgence website (healthyindulgences.net) has a recipe for home made protien bars too come to think of it. I pretty much hero worship her, her recipes are amazing. Good luck with it =)