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    • Does anyone know of any low carb & low cal thickeners. The beauty of that is that a good thickener you can mimic many things 'bad' for you (i.e. starchy and/or creamy)...

      I found this site which sells the konjac herb, but are there any aussie thickeners around?!
    • I have just been going through a book called Splendid low carbing (by Jennifer Eloff), I got it from
      It has a recipe for thickening agent....

      8and1/2 tsp xanthan gum (42ml)
      4and1/2 tsp guar gum (22ml)
      2and1/4 tsp corn starch ((11ml)

      In a small plastic container with lid, combine xanthum gum, guar gum and cornstarch, seal..
      sprinkle into sauces and stir until thickened..

      Yields 1/3 cup (75ml)
      1 tsp per serving..
      1.5 cals
      0.0g protein
      0.0g fat
      0.4g carbs...

      p.s there are some recipes in the book that use spelt flour...
      and this is what it says about it..
      Spelt flour is a complex carbohydrate that has recently been rediscovered..
      All purpose whole wheat flour or whole grain flour can be substituted for unbleached spelt flour. Many people have wheat allergies or find that whea t is a trigger for carbohydrate cravings.
      It does contain some gluten,however it is a different quality to wheat gluten. It is loaded with vitamins and minerals, contains a complex carbohydrate and has a higher quality of protein content than wheat flour. It tastes better than most other grains and is suitable for both baking and cooking. It is however no lower in carbohydrates than all purpose flour....

      I reckon once out of induction this might be alright in small quantities seeing as it doesn't cause carb cravings..what do you think??
    • Re: thickeners

      hi there, (first post here!)

      I have only had a quick ferret around at posts regarding thickeners but have not seen something that i have used a couple of times myself and wondered if it's an OK thickener.

      Depending on the plan you are on (I am using BodyTrim - ok, i've been slack and need to motivate myself to get back to it!) this might be ok for you.

      I have used chickpea flour, also known as besan, in place of regular flour when thickening some things.

      It's not always going to be a suitable replacement (and may not even be allowed on your plan). I figured I would try chickpea flour as BodyTrim allows lentils to be consumed as a protein (although they acknowledge your results won't be as great due to their carb count).

      I had a terrible craving for curried snags the way my mum makes them. I used a small amount of butter and added chickpea flour instead of plain flour and made a roux (also adding my other dry ingredients - some curry powder and some chicken stock powder) before adding water, whisking and bringing to the boil to thicken.

      The chickpea flour has a nutty taste to it and is often used in Indian cuisine. I find it tends to absorb quite a bit of water and i didn't need as much as I would use of plain flour.

      Whenever I use the chickpea flour I count it as part of my protein. I am usually using it for a saucy meal and in the end I'm not really using much per serve.

      I have also a small amount to coat fish or chicken prior to cooking in those instances where you might use plain flour.