bacon Soup meal in a bowl

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    • bacon Soup meal in a bowl

      This soup is to die for and a meal in a bowl. Can use on induction.

      1 bacon Hock (0)
      1 carrot med (6)
      1 turnip large (11)
      4 sticks of celery (2)
      1 onion (9)
      ! Tomato large (7)
      1 large tin of chopped tomato with garlic basil or oregano (38.9)
      1 cup Chinese cabbage or cabbage (5)
      1-tablespoon vegetable stock powder (2)
      Put all in slow cooker and cook all day.
      Take bone out and mix the meat through the soup. I usually don't blend this one but you could if you liked.

      Serves 10
      Carbs 7.9 Cal 56 Fat 17 and Protein 30

      If you want to reduce the carbs you could use a small can of tomatoes and it would be Carbs 6.1

      If you water it down you could make it go a lot further lost flavour so it could be done.
      I also sometime put in a beef neck and do the same the carb count would be the same but the calories a little less.

      If it is to be it is up to me