Bartmans Bum-Burnin' Mocktail...

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    • Bartmans Bum-Burnin' Mocktail...

      A drink dedicated to Gimli...

      OK i was muckin' around in the kitchen for a cold drink

      I have posted a recipe previously:

      3-4 drops of Tabasco in a glass
      Pour in lo-joule Lemonade

      While not bad (keep the bubbles away from you eyes), if you add too much tabasco, it develops a strong vinegar taste...

      I wanted something with a REAL kick!!!


      1 x Habanero Chilli Pepper (WARNING These are the hot ones - I grow them myself, but these are available from Coles etc...)

      Lo-Joule Lemon Cordial



      Now, add Habanero to a glass, muddle the pepper (mash it in the galss, to break it up - just roughly, so the skin is broken etc...)

      add a dash of cordial in the glass
      add lots of ice
      Fill with water

      Stirr for 30-60 seconds

      remove chilli pepper


      Now, you have a very cold, very refreshing lemon drink, but you also have a very hot burning sensation in your mouth!!, which hits you like a left hook. The flavour does not change, but the heat does.

      You could have a Russian Roulette Party, mix a dozen glasses of lemon cordial, and one of them to the recipe above... (Well i would find that funny - but I am very warped)


      PS: The best thing about this drink, while you experience the heat of the chilli, you dont actually eat the chilli, so there is no back-burn/after-burn/ring-of-fire etc... the next day (if you know what i mean)