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    • i wish i could remember who told me to do this. i have those make your own icypole containers at home and i poured in some diet lemonade and a little food coloring (for variety) and froze them. yum scrum.

      also used a few different torquay flavour for variety. the taste is strongest in the centre for some reason.
      cheers, sam

      go hard...or go home
    • My recipe is sort of an amalgamation of different recipes I’ve found on the web. The chocolate component is an altered peanut butter cup recipe from another forum which I changed to make runnier and less buttery. Each time I make these they are a little different so you may want to experiment. I think the original creamsicle recipe called for a packet of SF jelly and I subbed it with gelatin and DaVinci syrup.


      1 tsp heaped - gelatin
      ¼ cup - DaVinci syrup (I use banana)
      ¼ cup - cold water
      ½ cup - hot water
      ½ cup - thickened cream
      1 tbsp - whey protein isolate (unflavoured)
      70g - cream cheese, softened

      15g - unsalted butter
      15g - unsweetened chocolate
      1 tbsp - peanut butter
      2 tbsp - whipping cream watered down (I can’t remember the proportions)
      7 - Splenda tabs, crushed
      crushed nuts (optional)

      Melt chocolate, butter and peanut butter in microwave. Mix in crushed Splenda tabs, cream and crushed nuts if using (to make it runnier just add more water to the cream). Pour mixture into icy pole moulds and place in freezer to set.

      Dissolve gelatin in the hot water. Gradually add dissolved gelatin to cream cheese in small amounts and beat (I use a small whisk) so that you gradually thin down the cream cheese (stops lumps forming). Mix in cream and then cold water, WPI and DaVinci syrup. Pour on top of chocolate in moulds and place in freezer.
      Makes 8 at around 1-2 carbs per serve.

      The following is another recipe that I haven’t tried yet.


      1 cup - water
      1 cup - cream
      1 scoop - WPI, chocolate flavoured
      1 heaped tbsp - cocoa
      sweetener to taste

      Mix ingredients well and freeze.
      Makes approx. 8 servings @ 1g carbs per serving.