Colloidal silver and shingles

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      Jeez, that was quick!! Apologies for the abrupt entry to your forum, but there needs to be more people who understand EICS on a more intelligent level and as I am one that has been ingesting this product, and using it topically, for several years I can quote my own 'testimonials' or give my own 'anecdotal evidence' for the benefit of others who may be interested. I'm no expert, but by jingo's I know enough about this stuff to satisfy me from the years of research I have done on the subject. I was sceptical at the start, but that 'scepticism' went out the window years ago.

      Oh, and thanks for the welcome.
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      I use colloidal silver all the time although I don't drink it. I use it for it's antibiotic properties, it's especially good on my dogs when they've had a tiff. They heal nicely with no scars and no expensive vet bills :D

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    • Re: Colloidal silver and shingles

      Shez wrote:

      I use colloidal silver all the time although I don't drink it. I use it for it's antibiotic properties, it's especially good on my dogs when they've had a tiff. They heal nicely with no scars and no expensive vet bills :D

      Absolutely, and I have fixed a bacterial inner ear infection in one of our daughters dog. The dog was anaesthetised (sp?) and a swab was taken from deep within the ear and lab analysed to confirm the infection. Some monies passed to the vet in exchange for lotions, potions and what-ever-else until after about 10 months or so when I lost my patience and squirted a syringe of my CS directly into the ear. The infection was fixed in 24 hours, done! finished! gone! I guess the vet will have to retire on someone elses money now <grin>.
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      jojoamethyst wrote:

      but will it help weight loss?
      i seem to be pretty healthy except suffering from excess fat :(

      I wouldn't think so, despite what I have read to the contrary. Having said that though, it has been noted to restore hair growth, but only in some people, so maybe it could be true for some people in this regard too. As with anything I guess, what works for one may not work for another, and vise -versa. Maybe it depends on how much was taken, I haven't found enough information which has been suitably researched yet to sway me one way or the other. I haven't lost any yet, and I ingest a quantity every day, (I don't take it for the purpose of losing weight however). I feel pretty healthy, but sad to say, I'm not skinny yet <g>.
    • Re: Colloidal silver and shingles

      I took colloidal silver for a while, didn't feel much benefit, but I now take a multi mineral supplement daily that contains silver. But I still use colloidal silver like an antiseptic, great for clearing up skin irritations! Like Shez too, I use it on my dog, fabulous for when they get a cut on the paw, doesn't sting when you apply it! Seems to heal up fast.
    • Re: Colloidal silver and shingles

      Hi - I just thought I would add my experiences of coloidal silver.............

      I have been using this supplement for many years and I have found very positive results as follows.

      Being diabetic, I am always conscious of any injury scratches, or damage to my legs. I have never had an infection that couldn't be helped by using silver.
      Because we are regularly dealing with people face to face with our natural body products we are often approached by people with varying degrees of diabetic ulcers etc. and I have found silver very reliable as an infection fighter. If you have any wound at all it is most useful for stopping infection. Just wash the area with neat silver or even a silver cream.

      We take a spoonful each morning in our first drink of the day and when others around us are getting colds and flu in the winter months, we rely on our silver supplement to keep us protected.

      I have heard the reports of soemone turning blue from using silver but that person would have had to be literally drinking almost gallons of the stuff to have this effect. IN my opinion the benefits far outweigh any possible or feared side effects.

      We are often approached by someone with a sore throat and we always recommend them gargling with the coloidal silver to great effect.

      Incidentally, we have had a lot of success with the use of silver to heal nasty leg ulcers and whilst it is a natural treatment and as such takes a little time to completely heal these nasties it does heal them.

      We use the silver in conjunction with a wonderful cold pressed oil called TAMANU.

      And yes, silver and TAMANU oil both have a wonderful reputation for healing shingles.

      I would recommend that you try the coloidal silver for this and see how you go with it.

      You could certainly and safely use it for many months without fear of the negative blue response.

      We love coloidal silver and trust it for many healing applications.

      I respect everyone's fears and beliefs and only wish to share my experiences.

    • Colloidal Silver works great while it may work for some and not others it must be understood that just placing colloidal silver in a one size fits all category is incorrect.

      There are three types of colloidal silver: Ionic Silver, Nanoparticle Colloidal Silver and Atomic Particle Colloidal Silver. The first two are made with chemicals, and the particle sizes are too large to penetrate pathogens and have been around for a long time. Also, there are hundreds of methods of making nanoparticle colloidal silver because there are hundreds of chemicals that are used in making them.

      Depending on which chemical is used to make the nanoparticle and ionic silver, will determine the color of the colloidal solution. Contrary to popular belief nanoparticles are not any longer the smallest size achievable. In 2006, Atomic Particle Colloidal Silver was introduced into the marketplace. It’s millions of time smaller than nanoparticles; it has the strongest PPM (Parts Per Million) and the best of all it is not made with any chemicals! Atomic size particles will seamlessly slide right into the virus or bacteria and destroy it.

      Couple that with 3000 to 18000 PPM of atomic silver particles, and you will have a complete recovery a lot faster than other traditional methods. Many people say well I have tried colloidal silver, and it did not work for me. That is usually because traditional colloidal silver has a PPM of 10 -20 PPM, it's just not enough PPM and the particles are too large. Next time you have an immune system support challenge I encourage you to consider colloidal silver atoms.

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