Lowcarbiseasy Interactive Cookbook

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    • Lowcarbiseasy Interactive Cookbook

      Has anyone visited this website:

      They are selling a low carb interactive cookbook for 14.99 U.K. pounds, or A$35 approx. It looks pretty good from the demo. I am thinking about purchasing it. What do you think?

      The website also provides a lot of free info.
      Weight Loss Goal - to reach 55kg
      Currently doing 12 week body transformation - at 64kg (9kg to goal)
      (Started 27/8/12 at 77.8kg)
    • I have had a look around there Snez, but I have given up on buying american low carb recipe books, I am holding out for Sam's now;)
      Sam posted a link for a cook book you can download, that had heaps of recipes have you seen it....
      [edit: link no longer working, but some oldies here may still have a copy]

      to save a page just click on save a copy when it opens in PDF ..(to do this click on the symbol that looks like a floppy disc)

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    • Its not a cookbook that is posted to you. Its a cookbook on-line. You can add your own recipes to it, change existing recipes etc. Example of features;

      Low carb recipes:
      - 83 delicious, quick and easy recipes, all tested by an experienced low-carber.
      - Suitable for Atkins and other low carb and low GI plans.
      - Most recipes less than 3 g carb per serving.
      - Quantities in imperial, metric and cups.
      - Hints on setting up your low carb kitchen.
      - Handy measurement and carb reference tables for commonly used ingredients.

      Interactive features:
      - Change ingredients or add new recipes of your own (carbs total automatically).
      - See your changed, added or imported recipes indexed on your personalised Contents page.
      - Adjust the carb count for a different brand and watch the carbs recalculate.
      - See at a glance what effect changing an ingredient or serving size will have on the carb count.
      - Print individual recipes or the entire personalised Cookbook.
      - Access your recipes from any computer, anywhere, eg on holiday.

      Reference tables for common ingredients:
      Are you fed up of trying to weigh out small quantities and calculate their carb counts? The Low Carb is Easy Cookbook's handy reference tables take the effort out of weighing, measuring and calculating carb counts for commonly used ingredients such as:
      Cocoa powder, Peanut butter
      Cream cheese, Protein powder
      Desiccated coconut, Ricotta cheese
      Flax seeds, Sesame seeds
      Granular sweetener, Soya bran
      Ground almonds, Soya flour
      Mascarpone cheese, Tahini

      On the website there is also 14 day menu plans for Atkins Induction. For a lot of the meals in this plan you need to access the recipes. You don't have access unless you pay. It looks like its a yearly subscription. You can print off all the recipes if you wish.

      Regarding the hormone website, I printed out a whole load of the recipes the first time it was posted.
      Weight Loss Goal - to reach 55kg
      Currently doing 12 week body transformation - at 64kg (9kg to goal)
      (Started 27/8/12 at 77.8kg)
    • Yep I realised it was an online cookbook, but didn't realise you could change it and add to it.That would be pretty handy, and having the measurements in metric would make it a lot easier than other american recipes...With the carb counts for most recipes being less than 3, I guess thatwould mean they are net carbs with the fibre deducted...

      The 14 day induction menu would be handy;)

      p.s I like the idea of putting in your own recipes and the carb count totalling automatically..
    • Yes, it looks pretty handy. I will probably pay the subscription. I'm really more interested in it for adding new recipes etc and getting it to work out the carb counts etc.
      Weight Loss Goal - to reach 55kg
      Currently doing 12 week body transformation - at 64kg (9kg to goal)
      (Started 27/8/12 at 77.8kg)
    • Re: Lowcarbiseasy Interactive Cookbook

      Sorry for the late reply. Yes, I did end up buying this. It was pretty good but to be truthful I probably wasted my money as I didn't end up using the interactive part of it. I just downloaded the recipes which were quite good. Also, you have to pay for subscription yearly I think - so I'm not subscribed anymore.
      Weight Loss Goal - to reach 55kg
      Currently doing 12 week body transformation - at 64kg (9kg to goal)
      (Started 27/8/12 at 77.8kg)