Gormet Low Carb - Marinated Eggplant - You'll love it!!!

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    • Gormet Low Carb - Marinated Eggplant - You'll love it!!!

      Hi all. I haven't been low carbing for a while but I thought you'd love this recipe. Yeah it's eggplant - but it tastes great! When I think eggplant I think Yuck but this tastes amazing!
      Fantastic for anti pasto
      Greek style salad
      In omlettes with cheese
      Grilled on a chicken breast
      Wrapped up with Procuitto (sp?)
      (great in toasted foccacias too for high carbers)

      Olive oil
      Balsamic vinegar
      Fresh crushed garlic

      Peel eggplant randomly - (not all over for effect)
      cut eggplant into very thin slices
      Layer slices in bowl and sprinkle each layer with a little salt (to get out all the bitterness)
      When done, place another bowl or saucepan filled with water and place on top to help press out bitter juices.
      Leave to stand for 2 hours and drain juices
      Wipe off excess salt and fry in a little olive oil pressing the slices with the back of a fork or egg slice to 'sizzle' (they will cook up better) until browned and soft.
      When cooked, sprinkle layers in serving dish with parsley, crushed garlic, pepper and balsamic vinegar.
      Balsamic vinegar is a little high in carbs but you don't really need too much. see if you can find a brand that's reasonably low. As an alternative you could try brown vinegar with spenda or something like that to make it sweet.
      I hope you likey!
    • Thanks guys, I've just been working 7 days (2 jobs) for the last 12 months, finished my course and joined another netball team (number 3)
      Nursing a cat with a broken foot at them moment and trying to find time to work on my car! 26th Birthday yesterday and starting to feel old! I'm going to Koh Samui (an Island in Thailand) In 11 Weeks and I'm very excited! I just hope to loose 12kg before I go! I just need to excercise more - that's my main problem- just so hard to find the time and energy! That's why netball's good for me cause I've made the comitment - I have to go wether I feel like it or not. Really not diciplined enough - but I'm slowly getting better.
      Thanks guys, I hope you're good too :)