Coconut & Blueberry Loaf

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    • Coconut & Blueberry Loaf

      I consider this the yummiest cake/muffin I’ve made since I started low-carbing. It was inspired by the coconut bread recipe from Bill’s Food on the Lifestyle Channel but ends up looking nothing like his bread and has more of a muffin texture.

      Coconut and Blueberry Loaf

      1 egg
      165ml coconut milk*
      ½ tsp vanilla extract
      1 tsp Splenda liquid (or sweetener equal to half a cup)
      40g butter, melted
      ¼ cup whey protein isolate
      ¾ cup almond meal
      ¼ cup linseed meal
      1 tsp baking powder
      1 tsp cinnamon
      75g shredded coconut (I used coconut threads)

      50g frozen blueberries

      Preheat oven to 175°C.
      Lightly whisk egg, coconut milk, Splenda liquid and vanilla extract together.
      Combine whey protein isolate, almond meal, linseed meal, baking powder, cinnamon and coconut in a bowl and stir to combine. Make a well in the centre and gradually stir in the egg mixture until just combined. Finally add melted butter and stir until the mixture is just smooth, being careful not to over-mix. Add frozen blueberries now if using.

      Pour into a greased loaf tin and bake for 30 minutes, or until cooked when tested with a skewer.
      Serve slices warm and buttered.
      Makes 10 thick slices.
      Approximately 20g carbs per recipe without blueberries
      Approximately 26g carbs per recipe with blueberries

      *Use a 140ml can of Ayam brand coconut milk with about 25ml of water added.

      Carb counts may vary depending on brand of sweetener, WPI etc. used.
    • Thanks for the great recipe. Re the 1 tsp splenda liquid. Did you purchase the splenda liquid? If so, where did you get it from? I suppose I can just use my sweetener in tablet form and dissolve it in some warm water.
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    • Snez

      I use the Zero Carb syrup base which I bought from passthetoast

      It's made from Splenda. Like you, if I'm not using the syrup I just crush Splenda tabs and dissolve them in a little bit of hot water which I then mix in with the wet ingredients.

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    • Adding the blueberries to this recipe turns it from a nice cake into something really special for me. I miss being able to use currants and sultanas when I bake and I find blueberries are the next best thing…...the extra carbs are worth it and thankfully blueberries are really good for you.
    • Well I made this recipe into Muffins, and they are pretty yummy. I think 1/2 cup splenda was a bit too much as I can taste that artificial sweetner thing, but the texture is so light I love it!

      I used my protein shake powder (chocolate) as the whey protein isolate and LSA mix for the linseed meal and desiccated coconut instead of shredded, but it still worked. I think it's a great base for muffins and am going to start experimenting with different flavours!

      THANKS Z-girl...great find!!!!
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