Bread Making hints

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    • Bread Making hints

      I got a book out of the library on gluten-free baked breads, not because of the gluten free bit, but because it covered the problem of getting around NOT using normal wheat flour.

      It had a few additives I wondered if anyone had used in a LC version...
      They suggested adding unflavoured gelatine as it combines with the yeast to give elasticity to the bread. Suggests around 1 to 1.5tsp per loaf

      They even found the the water's hardness affects the dough (hard water retards the yeast & softened water makes sticky dough).

      You can replace dough enhancer (I guess that is the bread improver???) with vinegar if you run out. Suggested adding half to 3/4 teaspoon as a replacement.

      Adding xanthan gum to the mix adds 'spring' to the loaf. Suggested half a teaspoon per loaf.

      Also mentioned how to fix the problem of 'tough crusts'. Said dairy liquids result in more tender crusts and if you rub the the hot loaves with margerine immediately after turning out of pan helps. Also never leave the bread out after it is cool, always place it in a plastic bag.

      They also mentioned that low sugar bread tends to result in a dryer loaf, as does low fat.

      To cut fresh bread without crushing it, spray your bread knife lightly with cooking oil.

      About the only breads low in carb is 5g per slice which is a walnut bread, other than that they have is bread sticks and pretzel sticks at 5g, 3g per zucchini pancake,1g rice crackers, 1g cheese cracker, 3g per serve quick bread pudding. If any one is interested, I'll give you the book name or type out a few recipes.

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