LC Bread Recipes

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    • yummy oven baked bread

      i didn't expect this to work out (i am baking challenged:D ). i have been hanging for some bread. if i can do this, anyone can!!

      1 1/4 cups gluten flour
      1/2 cup oat bran
      1 tablespoon yeast
      1 cup warm water
      1 tablespoon sugar
      2 tablespoon Splenda (or two tablets crushed) *optional, you don't have to use it*
      2 tablespoon olive oil
      1 teaspoon salt

      Put yeast and sugar in a bowl, add warm water (the yeast 'eats' the sugar so it isn't counted as carbs). While yeast is proofing, mix dry ingredients together. Then add yeast/water/sugar mixture and oil. Mix wet and dry ingredients lightly, turn onto board and knead very gently for 1 minute or less, just enough to make sure everything is mixed together - but don't knead too much. Place dough in clean bowl and put in warm, draft free place (I sat mine in front of the heater) for 40 mins. The dough should have risen about twice its original size. Place into greased loaf tin, cover with tea towel then put back in warm place again for another 30 minutes. Preheat oven to 180 C. Bake for 30-40 mins (mine took 60 but I have an old, gas oven) Turn onto wire rack. Will slice when warm, but is easier if you allow to cool completely before slicing or put into freezer until half frozen then slice.

      NB: I didn't knead the dough for long or too vigorously, as I have read that the gluten flour won't rise well if it is handled too much. Don't knead after it has risen. The bread will sink a little after it is baked, if anyone has some tips how to keep the bread from sinking, can you share with a baking ignoramus please? The bread is slightly chewy but tastes fine and toasts well.

      Total Carbs: 56g
      I had 20 slices, which is 2.8 carbs per slice.

      (had egg on toast for brekkie, yummmmmmmmm)
      cheers, sam

      go hard...or go home
    • hi cazza,

      no probs! i bought both gluten flour and oat bran from the helath food section at coles, the brand i used was Lowan's. If you have no luck there, try a health food store, but Coles should have it.

      i was gagging at the thought of brekkie these past few days, so i know what you mean!! give that breadmaker a workout!!

      stay tuned, i have a LC pasta recipe to try out!!! :D
      cheers, sam

      go hard...or go home
    • Cazza there is tons and tons of LC bread maker recipes on the internet.

      I remember when I first started this diet and got quite annoyed at only being able to find good recipes for a breadmaker.

      Heres some I found in my bookmarks:…egory=Breads+and+Pastries

      Hmm just found a really good link in my bookmark for heaps of LC resources, will post in getting started thread.
    • :( i'm so upset

      My bread is a disaster. I spent half the day trudging the shops and bought the ingredients for the MOST EXPENSIVE LOAF OF BREAD IN THE WORLD!!!! I made it in a machine called BREADMAN which I have never really used. Bread has come out small and hard and knobbly. Haven't tried it yet but it is so small I think it will be impossible to get a decent slice out of it and others apparently get 20 slices!!!! Anybody have any tips on using a breadmaker and what I could be doing wrong??? I followed the instructions and I may have gone wrong with my settings ... I set it at medium white and and I'll try brown next time and I set it at .9 kilo but I am sure I read somewhere to set it on normal and 2 kilo which seems a big loaf of bread to me :confused: I am sooooooooooo confused! I have to figure it out as I have bags of stuff to use so HELP ME PLEASE!!!!

      Cazza xx
    • Oh dear what a disaster after all that effort. Sorry I can't help with that brand of breadmaker, mine is a Panasonic and I just put it on Basic Mix..
      Sounds to me like your yeast could be the problem too, did your breadmaker recommend any in particular. The age of the yeast can effect your bread rising as well. I use Tandaco Rapid Rise yeast..

      I hope your next effort has better results. You have the ingredients now so the next loaf won't seem as expensive;)
    • Yes everything was fresh including the yeast. I used the same brand as you. Bought a box with 10 12gram sachets and used 1 sachet. Not sure if that is too much? I'm just having some of it now with a fried egg. Its quite a nice taste. I always loved those grainy types of bread. I didn't toast it as it seemed hard enough already .. hahaha. It's quite chewy. I'll persevere, but never having made bread before I really have no idea what to add more or less of :confused:

      Cazza xx
    • hi cazza,

      at least you are making the best of the situation :)

      just a question, did you proof the yeast before you used it? maybe the yeast was dead? i think the amount you used was the same i used, so it shouldn't be too much (although i am not sure for breadmakers).

      i am with you, i have never made bread before this, so it was a bit of a gamble. my first lot sank and was chewy, it wasn't cooked long enough. i still ate it (god desperate for bread!!!!) did you try oggi's recipe? like sherrie suggested, there are heaps of recipes around.

      better luck next time.
      cheers, sam

      go hard...or go home
    • Cazza, I have a bread maker too, havn't used it in ages and not for l/c bread either.
      When I did use it I became so dishearted with it as I would do everything right, the house would smell of lovely hot bread as it was coooking and then when it has finished Iwould open the lid and find it was a flop.
      From memory I put the ingredients in like you said too, as I remember it saying not to let the yeast come in contact with the wet ingredients so that went on top after the flours.:confused:

      Needless to say my bread maker has been packed away in the shed for a while, I have thought of buying all the ingredients for the low carb stuff but have not because I would hate the waste of $ if it flopped.:rolleyes:
    • hmm, like i said, i don't have a licence to operate a breadmaker. but i read somewhere that you should mix the yeast with a tbl sugar then add warm water. wait to see if it bubbles, if it does, it is 'alive' if it doesn't it is 'dead'. the point of doing this before putting all ingredients together is not to waste everything if the yeast is kapoot. maybe this is just for oven baked bread? help any expert breadmakers out there??

      cazza, does your breadmachine have instructions as to what order things have to go in, i remember my friend had to follow the intructions for the machine not the recipe.
      cheers, sam

      go hard...or go home
    • Moonstruck, how interesting I have just read Gabi's link about proofing the yeast. In the instructions in the bread makier book it says not to let the yeast get wet.
      Have you always put the yeast in first with the water with your breadmaker?
      I wonder if this where we have been going wrong:confused:
      I am almost tempted to fish the breadmaker out of the shed and buy the ingredients.;)