Lemonade scones

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    • Lemonade scones

      I was making the normal lemonade scones for boy today,

      2 1/2 cup sr flour
      150ml pure cream
      300ml lemonade

      Mix all togethor to a sloppy mix and cook at 210 c for about 10 15 minutes in a non stick muffin pan.

      Decided to try it L/carb style.

      2 1/2 cp gluten flour
      150ml pure cream
      2 1/2 tsp baking powder
      300ml diet lemonade

      Cook same as above.

      Now when I ate part of one, hot out of the oven I was not overly impressed as it tasted more like bread and you could taste the gluten.
      But I had the other half later out of the fridge with butter on it and it was quite yummy. Would be great with jam and cream.

      Now I don't know the carb count but I went to diet club and 200gm of gluten flour has 24gm carbs, every thing else would only have a few carbs in it. I made 6 large muffin size ones but if you didn't want them so big it would less carbs.
      If any one wants to weigh a cup of gluten flour to see how many grams it would be then that would help at working out the carbs.

      You could also make them with carbonated water rather than lemonade and add some salt as a dinner roll.:D