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    • A good explanation of ketosis:

      Question: Why won't my ketone strips (Ketostix) turn purple?

      Answer: Ketone testing strips were developed for use in detecting ketone over spill in the urine of diabetics. They are not a reliable tool for many low carb dieters for the mere fact that there are too many variables that effect ketone body over spill in non-diabetic individuals. Since ketones are used as substitute fuel by the body during periods of carbohydrate restriction or starvation, ketone testing strips measure the unused ketones, not the actual level of circulating ketones in the blood, which would require a blood test (not practical). Other variables that can effect ketone stick results are hydration level, activity level, level of fat ingestion and prescription medicine. Ketone sticks for low carb dieters are best used by people who are not seeing weight loss during the first two weeks or who have low energy levels, which would indicate a metabolic problem for producing ketones.
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    • Re: Ketosis

      Just saw this on LCF in the fascination thread and wanted to save it here to look at later:

      Larcana wrote:

      Temp threadjack!
      I went to your site and read your Q&A section....there is a difference between ketosis and said you had DKA because of some diet in high school? Were you treated with IV fluids and insulin? That's the therapy for it. I am a doctor and have treated this deadly condition.
      Are you diabetic? You can PM me if you don't want to discuss this in this thread. Anyway you cannot become addicted to it, like you said Singing Lass is. She may be addicted to the feeling of deep ketosis.
      Here's how it goes: Ketone build up fed state= 0.1mmol/liter
      Overnight fast = 0.3 mmol/l, Lowcarb induction= 1-3 mmol/l, >20 days fasting =10 mmol/l, DKA =25 mmol/l
      As you can see there is a difference. By the way all cells except red blood cells, retine and cornea cells, use ketones for energy. They are not destructive except to those cells if they build up.
      Sorry if everyone else already knows this stuff.
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      Let me know if you think of anything else handy from the site to put here.