pie crust

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    • This was on an email list I'm subscribed to.

      I have to confess, I'm quite proud of myself. There are lots of recipes in my archives that I used to love (ok, I still do, I just haven't been able to eat them) that require some kind of pastry, like phyllo dough. Last night I tried an experiment and it turned out wonderfully! I made a homemade chicken pot pie. I used part of a filling recipe that was supposed to be wrapped in
      crescent dough. I mixed the filling and put it in a souffle dish. then I topped it with the crust recipe and baked. For the crust on top I mixed:

      1 stick butter
      3 tbsp cream cheese
      1 cup almond flour

      Soften butter and cream cheese and mix. Mix in almond flour and chill for a bit. Roll the dough into 4 balls. Smash one between your palms and lay on top of the mixture. It is really soft and gets stickier and softer the
      longer you handle it, so be quick! You can smoosh it around a little once it's on the mixture to cover everything. Bake at 350 for 30 minutes and the crust should be golden brown. It was so yummy. It was just like a pot pie. It's kind of crumbly, so it won't work to wrap something in like you would with phyllo dough, but you can use that same filling and put it in a souffle dish and have a crust on top. Now I can use this method with all those fillings that are too rich to eat alone. I'm also going to try adding some Splenda to the crust and making a cobbler. I have been looking for this solution forever.
    • This is a recipe from a very old cookbook from the mid 1800's by an english lady knows as Mrs Beeton

      Paste = pastry

      ALMOND PASTE, for Second–Course Dishes.

      1220. INGREDIENTS.—1 lb. of sweet almonds, 6 bitter ones, 1 lb. of very finely sifted sugar(splenda?), the whites of 2 eggs.

      Mode.—Blanch the almonds, and dry them thoroughly; put them into a mortar, and pound them well, wetting them gradually with the whites of 2 eggs. When well pounded, put them into a small preserving-pan, add the sugar, and place the pan on a small but clear fire (a hot-plate is better); keep stirring until the paste is dry, then take it out of the pan, put it between two dishes, and, when cold, make it into any shape that fancy may dictate.

      Time.—1/2 hour. Average cost, 2s. for the above quantity.

      Sufficient for 3 small dishes of pastry.

      Seasonable at any time.
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