just recieved my fatlocity pack

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    • just recieved my fatlocity pack

      well I am impressed!! I've recieved my starter pack ALREADY!
      was very excited, and as I was wondering what to have for breaky:) it came just in time to have the cereal mix, and I really liked it,
      I have been reading quite a lot of posts on this site, and am finding the information invalueable! [so informative]
      I'm sure I will have quite a few questions as I proceed and am thankful to know you guys will help me out,
      anyway I had better get my bum into gear and get to uni:D
      must admit to maybe spending a bit to much time reading here considering I have so many assignments at present:(,
      bit confussed about the bars I recieved, on my menu plan it says they are 6 carbs, on the bars it states they have total carbs 18gms, [that is not to many?] so are the menu carbs a point system?
      thankyou so much, and have a great day!!!
      Ali :)