Ketone levels?

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    • Ketone levels?

      Can someone direct me where i can read up on this as I have no idea what level i should be aiming for. I realise the weight loss itself is an indicator that I am in ketosis but I would like to know more about this. I use the sticks and have only once had a trace reading but stay at moderate. I assume this is good and my weight loss being around the 1kg is good for my body and long term keeping off the weight than a quick fix.

      I thought i knew it all about the best ways to lose weight until i discovered this change in eating habits. Cereal companies and the food pyramid have done such a great job brain washing us! I have been eating less and less protein and more and more cereals and grains - just following the pyramid but now through changing my eating habits, I am loosing weight finally after 3 years of only putting on weight! One happy gURL!

      I would also like to say, my family are benefiting from the increased protein in the diets. Food for the brain at work and school, no more feeling sick at 10am and they are eating less carbs at morning recess because breakfast keeps them going until lunch time.

    • I swear I do a search for ketosis posts every third day :D
      But they're just getting too buried, I tried checking through my previous posts so I could direct you to there but I post way too much!. Hehe

      Try this post:

      We'll have to convince Jesper and Rossana to write up a big article on it and sticky it :)

      But anyway if your losing 1kg a week I would'nt be worried what shade of purple/pink it is just so long as it is pink or purple. If it gets dark make sure you have been drinking enough water.
    • Um, moderate is good. Make sure you're drinking enough water. If you're not, the reading can be very dark.

      I always only get trace which is ok too. Sometimes after heavy exercise there can be no ketones left to get a reading, so it comes back negative.

      You can do a search for topics which is very helpful. There's so much info on this site!

      I love myself!!!!