Daily Planner - xls spreadsheet

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    • Daily Planner - xls spreadsheet

      Hey guys!!

      I thought I would share with you all the very simple-to-use Excel spreadsheet that I use each day to monitor how close I am to matching my PFC values, and whether I am going to go over or under.

      I find using something like this extremely helpful in planning my meals for the day!!

      The spreadsheet will add up the PFC for the day, and then subtract it from what your PFC planned amounts should be - and it will let you know whether you are having too much or not enough of a certain food.

      Feel free to use it, I hope you find it helpful!!


      PS, the file is zipped - you will need winzip to extract it. If you can't open it, please let me know and I will email it to you!!
    • Gimme A Break

      Really guys. Spreadsheet, $100 kitchen scales, isn’t it a little over the top. Most of the posts I've read in the last few days seem to be the same. Just eat sensibly. I have gone from 107 kg to 88 kg in 10 weeks by eliminating most of the processed junk. I’m not lactose intolerant but I switched to soy milk on the rare occasions when I use milk. I drink Formosa Tea (no caffeine or tannin) a pot can be reheated all day and it never stews and tastes better then the regular teas or those revolting herbals. Try a breakfast of fresh strawberries and cream or a smoothie made with Designer Whey Proteins Supplement again with fresh strawbs or mix two teaspoons of unsweetened cocoa powder into the chocolate variety. Fresh salads with lots of greens and try cabbage instead of lettuce. Fresh mushrooms in salad or sautéed in a butter sauce for breaky. Add Feta or grated Romano to salads for bite. And make your own salad dressing with crushed garlic, fresh basil, dried oregano, virgin olive oil and red or white wine vinegar. For hot veggies try broccolini (baby broccoli), fresh asparagus, zucchini, green bean and snow peas (great in salads also). As an anytime meal I cook up tomatoes, onion and bacon seasoned with fresh basin and oregano and lots of freshly ground black pepper into a Napolitano style sauce. Its great for B, L or T try it on a toasted slice of Country Life Rye Hi Soy Bread (only 10g). Desert is easy, fresh or frozen berries or slices of melon. I keep a box of Creative Gourmet frozen Mixed Berries in the freezer, their great with whipped cream
      I squeeze the juice of a fresh lemon into a 2 ltr bottle of water and add a sachet of Splenda, very refreshing. I don’t need to go to the extremes most of you seem to in my quest to make my target weight, just some Keto-stix and a sensible approach.
    • Komorikid, you must realised that most of us here have tried almost everything on earth to lose weight. For some of us it's a mind thing, for others it's a will power thing, and the rest just need a helping hand. I found that a spreadsheet really helped me plan my menus. Without them I lose track of what I'm eating and the carbs and cals creep up without me noticing.

      You're right, the low carb woe is all about healthy eating. For many years we've all been eating the wrong thing and have been conditioned to eat low fat and more carbs. Most of the forum users (inc me!!!) need "retraining" with what to eat and how to count carbs.

      As for $100 kitchen scales, I'm quite content with my $8 ones from Coles. I'm sure there are others who have the you beaut ones, but they may well do heaps of cooking and need them to measure stuff. But on the other hand, if $100 scales help us to rethink what we're putting in our mouths then more power to us!!

      Just my 2 cents. Btw, you've done great in losing 19kg:D . Keep up the good work. Do you have a goal weight?

      I love myself!!!!
    • It is easier for some than for others Komorikid. Depending on metabolic rate, insulin sensitivity etc, a very scientific approach is sometimes needed. To say that this is over the top is to show ignorance at best, disrespect at worst.

      Looking quickly at your diet, my guess is that a large portion of your weight-loss is from muscle, perhaps as much as 50%. As we have stressed so many times, we are not interested in weight-loss, only fat-loss.
    • I know the difference between fat and muscle Jesper and that huge spare tyre around my waist 3 months ago was FAT. Its was there for years but its gone now and I don't intend geting it back. I,m just saying you don't need to be that intense. Once you know how your body burns fuel its easy to modify your Carb intake. Knowledge is Power and for people like me who have struggled with weight problems the knowlege of Low Carb eating as a weight loss tool and lifestyle change is Empowering. The way I look and how I feel is incentive enought to continue. This forum is great for gaining idea and the perspective of others but the site is primarily aimed at selling product and expensive product at that. Twenty Five Buck for a box of cereal or muffin mix, Gimme a Break. I can find products that suit in Coles and any Enlightened Health Food Store.
    • One has to wonder why you seem so upset that other people may need a bit more help than you did!!

      To be honest if you're attitude is going to be a negative to one to the other people here trying really hard to attain their goal weight, I think that is really unfair. Good for you that you lost it easy - some of us don't have 19kgs to lose either! But the last thing that a lot of people here need is someone telling them that it is supposed to be easier than what they are clearly finding it.

      Everyone is different, no two people are the same - so please don't assume that what is right for you is therefore right for someone else.

      This forum is for SUPPORT, not for negative comments and attitudes such as yours. Clearly you do not need support, just as we do not need your lack of it.
    • Sooooo, back to Nina, Jesper, & the other 'good advice givers'...

      I wasn't haven't much luck with the scales until Sheree turned me onto Fitday.com. I had previously been keeping written accounts of what I ate, but Fitday calculates food consumption, energy output, etc, and IT'S WONDERFUL. Apparently I had been eating too much protein, which hindered the fat loss.

      Anyway, (my question is what percentage should I be consuming of Fats, Proteins, & Carbs? I've been shooting for 65-70% Fats, 25-30% Prot, & 5% Carbs, but I really don't know if that's a good target?

      Thanks for all you guys do for ALL of us...I'm sure I speak for numerous people when I say: Your support & knowledge truly helps! ;)
    • I think the experts, Jesper & Rossana, will be best equipped to answer that one!! But I think perhaps your fat consumption is going to be too high - it really depends on how active you are, but perhaps aim for 55% protein, 40% fat, 5% carb initially and then perhaps increase your carbs to fit in with how active you are.

      Good luck with it, it all comes down to finding out what works for you!!

    • good morning all. I haven't posted for a while now, been hectic getting all my assignments out of the way, but have managed to keep up with the reading of the posts:)

      Welll I handed the last one in for the year yesterday, I think the spreed sheet nina posted is great, and sherre's idea of adding common foods eaten is a good one, I'm not very familar with excel, so that will give me a challenge,

      And yes if loosing weight was easy for all wouldn't it be great! I kind of envy people who manage to loose it without having to put a great deal of effort into it, good on you Komorikid.

      However everyone is an individual, and remembering that, what may work for some may not work of another person.

      I've tried heaps of different approaches over the last few years, I can manage to be quite strict with myself, with deiting and exercise, and I'm one of those people who has to be, I have multiple cysts on my ovaries, as in 'polycstic ovarian syndrome' and in my case, I don't generally ovulate, therefore it plays havic with my hormonal and endocrine system, which can make loosing body fat bloody hard, sometimes even on a regime such as this one.

      I have managed to loose a lot of body in the past with it, however this time it's really hard, and sometimes I just feel like giving up. But I'm dertimined to get to the bottom of it guys.

      if I'm getting results, (of course the best motivater) however after a while if I'm not getting a positive result in weight loss (body fat), I have to try to rely on the fact, well I feel a whole lot better, my skin is looking great, and this general feeling of good health is great, and try to slog it out,

      And I thought it was a god send when I stumbled onto this site, and I have learnt a great deal reading all the posts here and it helps knowing others are in the same boat and doing positive things for themselves in regard to thier health and fitness,and yes it is great to have the advice of guys who are so knowledgable and understanding such as Jesper and Rossanna

      lastly Nina summed it up all to well:)
      have a good day all, I feel great knowing today I can bluge for the rest of the day, knowing no more uni!! although I have a laundry full off veggie seedling that need to go into the gaden this evening:D
      Ali :)
    • but the site is primarily aimed at selling product and expensive product at that.

      I have been a member of this forum for 3 months now and have found it to be of great support. Even though I don't post very often I do browse daily and at NO time has anyone ever tried to pressure me into buying products. The information and support I have gained from this forum has been invaluable to me.
    • Ditto Sally.

      I found this site a few weeks ago after being on Atkins for about six weeks. Its has been a fantastic motivator for me. And that is what I lack - motivation.

      I love the spreadsheet Nina. Hope you don't mind if I modify it a bit and use it myself. I have only been counting carbs in an exercise book. This spreadsheet will allow me to count other things and manage myself better.

      Thanks alot.
    • It's good to have a decent amount of protein but you don't want to have too much if you don't need it. Excess protein can also take you out of ketosis. Jesper could explain it a lot better though.
      How much protein is all dependant on your exercise. I don't think you want to go over maybe 150g a day I think but I could be wrong but I remember Jesper posting about it once. Try doing a search on protein.

      With the fat just make sure most of it is GOOD FAT. Don't be afraid of fat!.


      As for what Komorkid said. I saw the post just before I left on Monday but decided to hold off on replying due to me being so sleep deprived and I don't like to offend people. :)

      But I agree with the others and I'd like to say that just because it has been easy for you does not mean you should put others down for having a hard time with their weight loss!
      Also are you male? if so, you will find the majority are females and they have a much rougher road to follow.

      And as for this criticising Jesper and Rossana. If you think so little to criticise them like this then how can you have the gall to gleen information from their site if they are such a rip off!.
      I don't want to offend you but this site is free and they offer alot off free advice despite the fact they have a diet program to sell. If it was anyone else this whole forum and advice would be for Fatlocity members only!
      So please don't stab them in the back for their excellent contributions to low carb living.

      And their products, there is not one other product similar to theirs that even comes close to their low price so give them a break. If you want to make up your own mixes to save money then good for you.

      They don't pressure anyone to follow their diet or buy their products. Personally I often think that they sell themselves short sometimes.

      It's great your doing so well but there's no need to be so negative towards everyone else. This is a support forum treat it as such. No need for rudeness here, if you don't like the products then don't buy them. Be Nice :)

      Just my 2cents

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    • How to respond, worthy of a response?

      I believe in free speech and Komorkid is entitled to his views....

      It's great that when you have so much to lose because you have abused your body with junk food, that when you make the move to clean eating the weight just drops off... esp for men. Good luck with your continued success.

      I think you should spread the word regarding your success... there's a great forum for you Komorkid.... in Canada...
    • It's good to have a decent amount of protein but you don't want to have too much if you don't need it. Excess protein can also take you out of ketosis.
      Simplistically, excess protein (and everyone's level depends on the usual age, sex and exercise level) can convert into glucose in the blood, causing an insulin response.

      This can have the effect of taking you out of ketosis but also of giving you cravings. Interestingly enough, just this week I have seen two men who had this problem.... they ate low carb but too much protein which made them hungry all the time!