What's in your shopping basket?

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    • What's in your shopping basket?

      I thought I'd start this thread to give me some ideas as to what other people eat... getting right to the source, what's in your weekly grocery shopping basket?

      Trucie's basket:-

      smoked salmon
      loads on tin tuna
      pork/beef mince
      freash fish fillets

      Cooking for one is absolutely ridiculous, hence my boring shopping list...
    • Mines about the same:

      heaps on tinned tuna
      smoked salmon
      green capsicum
      basically any green vegie
      cold meat
      heaps of chicken breast
      diet jelly
      frozen berries

      this plus whatever the kids and hubby eat like bickies, bread, fruit etc etc etc which I haven't touched for about a month. I haven't had a sandwich or piece of toast for about 3 months!!!!

      I love myself!!!!
    • Well you asked Trucie!!

      2-3kg of chicken breast
      2kg of beef fillet
      2kg of Tuna in spring water (I get these 1kg caterers packs)
      60 - 80 eggs
      about 50 litres of spring water (thank god they deliver now!)
      About 8 bunches of asparagus
      6 heads of different types of lettuce (I make my own mesclun mix)
      3 heads of Broccoli
      Fennel (OMG i love it!)
      2kg of banana's }
      6kg of sweet potato } we eat controlled carb
      1kg oats }

      This lasts between 7-10 days if our daughter is not with us, but this is at least 6 meals per day for two growing adults!
    • ATM it is:

      Some beef, not too much. (not a big beef eater).
      Lamb Loin Chops
      Lamb Leg
      Chicken breast fillets
      Bacon (not for me)

      Lots of broccoli
      Lots of beans
      Lots of brussel sprouts
      Lots of beans
      Lettuce Cucumber I buy when I need it.
      Olive oil

      Cheese (not for me)
      Milk (not for me)
      Omega 3 butter/margarine

      Bread omega3 or Holsoms 9 grain (not for me)
      Cereals (not for me)

      Kids snacks for school
      Diet cordial (not for me)
      Granny Smith Apples (not for me)
    • I was just writing out my list,so this is what I need this week.
      philly cheese
      riccota cheese
      shredded cheese
      block cheese
      low joule jelly
      whipping cream
      thickened cream
      coconut cream
      natural yoghurt
      crisp pickled asparagus
      chicken pieces
      roastbeef,rack lamb,lamb chops, pork chops,steak,
      sliced ham
      greenseas tuna and salmon
      mixed lettuce's
      white onions
      green beans
      baking powder
      ricci mints
      there is sure to be something else I will buy ,I would love to be able to come home with only what's on my list;)

      p.s to myself need to order some POH muffin mix
    • I shop for a fortnight - for two adults (one low carb and the othr low fat)

      2 kg chicken
      minced meat, beef, pork chops
      bbq meat
      spring onion
      peas and beans - lots and lots
      eggs and more eggs
      ham and turkey
      cheddar cheese
      ricotta cheese
      tasty cheese
      cream cheese
      diet cordial

      Oh and some carb things for hubby.
    • Rocky!.... Adrian!

      Originally posted by trucie
      i wonder if they eat just egg whites ????

      YUP - 3 white and one yolk for me and 6 whites and 1 yolk for lover boy... :D Oh btw - never eat them raw like Rocky did... it's a big crock... you need to cook egg albumen for it to be properly absorbed by the body
    • raw egg paranoia

      sorry i just can't bare to see anyone eat/drink a raw egg, the whites just looks like SNOT!

      Having said that i love eggs: poached eggs, fried eggs, eggs benedict, omelete... one day when your all brave enough you must try poaching an egg in warm oil, it is so die for! serious....

      I find just egg whites pretty hard to digest day after day for breakfast, i do what Rossana does and have 3 whites and 1 egg with yolk, then run to the train station, get on the train and have 2 muffins :)

      I got my breakfast SORTed !!!
    • Hi Rosanna,

      i know you posted this agessssss ago but I have got to ask you something! You mention eating 6 TIMES A DAY ... did I get that right? I think I am not eating enough ... for instance .. today I had a mock danish for breakfast, about 6.45am (was in a rush for work and its quick and easy. Had a 2 hour drive to work and drank 1/2 litre of water on the way. Had a 25 gram bag of pork crackle about 11ish. Took a chicken salad with me and ate about 2.15pm and only had water since. (At work the girls bring cakes and biscuits and munch all day .... I just ignore it all and try not to think about it which I am finding quite easy really.) I have just got home and have got to decide what to make for dinner now and it's 8.07pm. I think I am doing it all wrong :mad:
      I am into my 4th week and have hardly noticed anything and I think i am being extremely strict on myself. A lady in a health shop suggested I have a blood test in her shop next week and combine the diet that comes with the results of my blood type with low carbing. I AM SOOOOOO CONFUSED!!!!! and I am trying the hardest I have ever tried in my life. I miss not being able to come home and relax with a glass of red wine ... my life sucks at the moment and I am getting depressed :(