What's in your shopping basket?

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    • Cazza,

      You might like to start a diary and put in all your info like age, hieght, weight etc..., it will help to record your eating , progress, exercise, any supplements you take etc... which might help to get weightloss started plus other people might read it and offer some good ideas that may help you.

      Also while your having trouble stay away from LC junk foods like the crackles and sweetened stuff and try and eat clean and watch out for all the common stallers (sweeteners, dairy, caffienne and nuts). Work out your calories and PFC (info on how to do that is in the begginners section in the 'Getting Started' thread). Make sure you put that info in your diary as you may be having too little or too much.

      Once you break that and start losing then you can look into gradually adding back some of the LC stuff you cut out one at a time.
    • well im going to print this group of posts out. I will certainly help me when im shopping. I usually dont have a list when i go after work and trying to shop for all the members of the family who all eat differently is so hard but this will help on the low carb side of things:D

      I dont have many items to add but heres a few i noticed not mentioned that i buy often

      cold sliced meats (ham, silverside,salami)
      Chicken Tonight Sauce- Ceamy mushroom one
      Raguletto Sauce-For fish-Creamy lemon and dill sauce(found where the dolmio sauces are)
      Dill Pickles -Always fresh original dills-with no sugar
      Caffeine free diet coke- I think it tastes better than diet coke too
      Low carb Bread by bodhis-available from coles in WA- each slice has 7.1g carbs their web site is bodhi.com.au. hubby has the odd slice toasted with butter and vegemite

      sparkles :cool:
    • Would avoid the pre-made sauces Sparkles. At first we used to just look at the carbs, and while they are low carb most of them contain sugar. Smelly and I went through almost every one of the jars in the supermarket, just because sometimes he gets over cooking, and jars and one of the most complicated dishes in my limited cooking forte. Some of the Indian ones are okay though. I do not understand why sugar is stuffed into everything!
    • Dear Funky,

      I just checked out one of the sauces I mentioned "Raguletto's White Fish, Creamy lemon & dill Sauce"and the sugar content is nill. total carb count per serve is 5.6 g and if you cook your fish first and use just a couple of tablespoons over your fish its a lot less and just as tasty. Just as a matter of interest its my hubby who is the low carber, hes never been a sweet tooth and hes has been low carbing since December 2002 and has lost 17 kgs he loves the diet and it has helped his health improve greatly. He used to suffer reflux really bad and was taking megga amounts of pepcidine. He hasnt touched them or suffered since day one :D
      He is much more energetic and active as well. Im not sure how many carbs a day hes having but its somewhere around 30-40g. Im not sure if this is too much but as his weight is still coming off at a steady pace it must be working!!!


    • Damn those men! Why can't I have that many carbs a day and still lose weight! I'm very excited about the prospect of something in a jar that doesn't contain sugar! Pathetic, but I need all the help I can get. Think I'm going to have to get over my skeptism of buying fresh fish in the very inland Canberra so I can try the sauce out.
    • Originally posted by katyblue
      I agree with Funky until you start low carbing and reading labels everything has sugar in it even things you dont expect do the cane growers of the world have a secret conspiricy.

      You really do have to be careful with that hidden sugar. Tonight I was going to use one of those tubes of herbs that you can freeze, and I looked at the label and it had sugar in it! Fresh is best (when you can get it). Actually as the dry season is almost here maybe I should start a herb and spice garden. Only have a small townhouse backyard, but maybe I should give it a go.


    • Originally posted by katyblue
      I agree with Funky until you start low carbing and reading labels everything has sugar in it even things you dont expect do the cane growers of the world have a secret conspiricy.

      I reckon they do.

      There was a special on telly not long ago about Indonesia (I think) and they said when the dutch people arrived they chopped down all the native trees and planted sugar cane. I was horrified. What a waste of the world's natural resources!

      And of course now that's all those people have to make a living on. No wonder it's pushed so much.

      You have to feel sorry for them, though, now that people are starting to realise the demon that sugar is...
    • I think somewhere Moonstruck mentioned that in "Atkins for Life", Dr A recommends reintroducing certain fruits, but bananas remain a no-no. :( Pity- apart from strawberries and raspberries, bananas with a bit of green on them are the only other fruit I like! Plus, they are the most convienient meal on the run.
    • Its not a food, but I picked up the fat and calories counter by that dodgy looking Alan guy who runs dietclub.com.au at Coles. It now has a carbohydrate counter in the back, including a fast food section that also includes carb count. It's not too bad and only $8, and will have to do until the elusive Family Circle version makes an appearance.
    • Has anyone added those neat little packets of Philly with the herbs? They are divided up into servings and around the 1g mark for garlic and basil, and mixed herbs is around 1.1. There is also onion and chives which is 1 IIRC.
      We have enough youth - how about a fountain of SMART?

      May you live in interesting times...