Our Goals....for all to see!

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    • My Goals

      1. To be a really cool Mum
      2. To continue to enjoy my family and job
      3. To real a goal weight where I am comfortable with myself. I think 63kg
      4. To have a toned and not flabbly body
      5. To be able to wear anything I desire at the shop and feel good about it
      6. To continue to have a fantastic relationship with my husband
    • My goals for 2003

      1. To be 70kg by Christmas 2003

      2. To be fit and healthy

      3. To retire

      4. To be there for my children when they need me

      5. To always be there for my husband

      6. To buy a new wardrobe in Paris....I can dream...ah but the Paris airshow is on next year....this might be possible so it stays

      7. To nuke my house....or at least have it tidy....once
    • my goals for 2003 and beyond..

      1* To continue low carbing
      2* To lose another 2kg and not put it back on
      3* To firm up my flabby bits
      4* To enjoy my grandchildren
      5* To take some time for myself
      6* Get my husband to slow down
      7* Learn Tai Chi
      8* To be content and healthy
      9* Stop smoking (added 1st jan 2004)

    • Here we go.......

      * Reach about 18% Body fat and then reassess if I need to go lower

      * Be able to see my six-pack (I can feel it in there!)

      * Compete in the Queen Lili'uokalani (30 Km) outrigger canoe race in Kona, Hawaii

      * travel overseas once per year

      * put into practice some of the things I read in "An Open Heart" by the Dalai Lama

      * treat my partner at least half as well as he treats me
    • My goals are:

      1. Stop making excuses!
      2. Be more vigilant about what goes in my mouth from 1/1/03.
      3. Exercise much more regularly
      4. Get down to 20% body fat and/or 55kgs by end of summer
      5. From there figure out a realistic goal to reach by my birthday in April
      6. Stop wasting so much money!!
      7. Sort out once and for all what is happening with my man!!
      8. Exercise
      9. Exercise
      10. Exercise!
      11. Stop dropping my clothes on the floor in the bedroom (cupboards were invented for a reason!)
      "I can resist everything but temptation"

      Oscar Wilde 1892
    • 1. slow down so I don't miss a second of my little girl growing up
      2. 2003 - the year of lovin' my man more than ever
      3. get to 48kgs and stay there
      4. get back into thoes pre-pregnancy jeans
      5. enjoy getting fit, healthy and energised
      6. go back to work with a renewed confidence in my career
      7. worry less about what other people think of me
      8. remember that when people offer to help it's ok to accept
      9. really enjoy my friendships
      10. oh yeah, and more sex please

      That should keep me busy. chip xx
    • Originally posted by Rossana
      To be in competition shape by March/April next year.
      To keep the Toilet Humour thread alive and interesting so that it beats the Big Brother thread in terms of posts and views.
      To get RBB to post in her own diary.
      To help my clients and members of this community reach their goals.
      To get a photo of Sherrie.
      To be a good mum.
      To be a good partner.
      To focus on my ab training
      To get a photo of Sherrie
      To put up some photo's of my progress (I won't have any trouble getting photo's of Jesper... :rolleyes: he is such a leo!)
      To get a photo of Sherrie

      PS RBB already achieved one of my goals for me!! thanks!! ;)
    • Pixie's goals for 2003

      Keep l/carbing
      Lose a few more Kilos
      Get fitter, lose that flab!
      Stay healthy
      Improve my relationship with my teenage daughter
      Continue to be the best friend and LOVER to my darling BF.
      Improve the finances
      Be Happy
      Make others Happy
      Happy Happy Happy:D :p :D :p :D :p
      Be optimistic
      NOT pesimistic
      More understanding to others needs and wants.
      etc. etc. etc.
    • Essie's Goals

      1. To get to 60kgs and see what happens from there
      2. To get all my assignments in on time next year
      3. To stop procratinating about study, weight and exercise and just do it - (and not buy any Nike clothes)
      4. To throw out all my fat clothes
      5. To appreciate what I have and what I am
      6. To walk on the beach with all the others, but no bikini for me, haven't worn one since I was 5 years old
    • * Get a Job
      * Buy new pants and shorts that don't fall down on me :)
      * Get a decent photo taken for Rossana to see (I have asked him to take one of me so now it's up to him)
      * Lose some more bodyfat untill I'm satisfied with it.
      * Buy a new house with a big yard
      * Oh and to buy some coffee beans to try out this big humongous coffee machine my mum just bought me for christmas! :)
    • Re: Essie's Goals

      Originally posted by Essie
      6. To walk on the beach with all the others, but no bikini for me, haven't worn one since I was 5 years old

      Just to clarify I will be wearing bathers, just not bikini's!

    • I was just re-reading my goals for this year......well I have already succeeded in missing some of the goals so I think that it is time for me to reassess them....

      1. get below 80kgs
      This is still my main goal and I am getting closer to this by the day....not long now as I am 80.5kg now!!

      2. 75kgs is my next big goal and I want to do this by Feburary 7th
      This date has been and gone.....I am changing this now to mid May

      3. fit into my favorite jeans again and half of my wardrobe for that matter..... still same goal

      4. Get fitter with walking longer and further than no man has walked before and on a daily basis.
      This is happening but very slowly....I suppose that it doesn't really matter how long it takes me for this goal as long as I continue with the walking...

      5. give up smoking. Will be doing this on New Years Day!(oh and excuse me if I get a little touchie at this time)
      I have managed to become a full time smoker again....:-( I have to do one thing at a time and losing this weight is more important to me....I have not given up on giving up though..:-)

      6. If I am not happy at 75kg, I will look at heading on down to 70kg
      same goal in mind for this one

      7. When I am down to the weight that I am comfortable with I then want to Tone up my Body and look and feel wonderful....
      8. Meet Jen Jen and Kegs up here and anyone else that wants to come at the end of 2003 for a weekend down the Gold Coast walking along the beach in a g-string!
      9. Get my business up and running so that I can leave the job that I am in now......

      The rest are all still applicable

      I also have alot of other goals but this is mainly about my body and health.....

      :D :D
      Start weight:86kgs
      1st Goal weight:75kgs
      Current weight: 80.5 kgs
      Total Lost: 5.5kgs
    • Great thread, makeely

      To get to 70kgs (no time frame)
      Stop buying imported bras or have a breast reduction
      Get clothes that fit - I donated all my smaller stuff to salvos before xmas - doh
      Make every effort to not swear in front of my kids
      Try yoga and/or tennis
      Ride my bike with hubby and kids around the lake (might need a new bike)
      Win lotto and build my own home - more of a pipe dream than a goal
      Whoever said 'people get fat because they're going to get diabetes' has my respect.