I proved Alochol is a killer

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    • I proved Alochol is a killer

      Hope this helps someone else out there as well

      SO I had lost 4kg on Saturday morning by doing Aitkins.

      I got blaze` and read Scotch 0g carb - so several on sat and sun and yesterday had put on a whole kg.
      Went back and read book, then posed the question to the Forum and this is the result. I am back to day one.
      Read in the Forum a response that read like this*****

      Drinking alcohol will not stop ketosis. Your liver can and will make ketones quite readily from the alcohol ... in fact the process is simpler than making ketones from fat, so alcohol will be used in preference as long as it's in your bloodstream. Which means there will be no burning of body fat until the alcohol has completely cleared from your system. If you're testing with the sticks, they'll continue to show positive. Be aware though, that alcohol can trigger insulin, which means any carbs and fat you eat at the same time may ultimately be converted to triglycerides, which is the storage FORM OF FAT.

      So it's a double-whammy ... alcohol can inhibit fat-burning and may trigger fat-storage. Proceed with caution. You can and will put on weight if you indulge even if you are on 15-20 gram carb a day. BACK to square one. Do 3 days of intense induction then back onto normal induction and you should be ok. BE PATIENT your body is a fine tuned machine and you are playing with it's 'mind' if you try and do tricky things.

      Make sure you drink lots of WATER before during and after, because the usual dehydration one normally experiences when drinking will be more pronounced with ketosis. This can lead to the hangover from Hades ..

      And do take care with the food choices. A lot of folks find their willpower goes out the window after a few drinks ..

      *****So you can learn from me that "logically speaking 0 = 0 but when you are dealing with the body 0 = ++ / BUMMER.
      Oh well I guess it is some form of blessing. I will be drinking only Soda Diet Lime (Bickfords do a good one) and Bitters when I go out and local Dry Ginger for a while now. It is 5 weeks today till my birthday and so want to loose another 5 kg if at all possible - determined to get the 18kg off this is it!!!
      So I hope I have helped someone out with this tricky one. Believe me I did NOT like the 1 K gain and in fact I think it was good for me to bring me a bit humble and to not 'I know how all"
      Have a smiley day now
      Bron:p :p
    • Yeah bummer......but a lesson learnt.

      I really didn't want that second glass of red wine last night....I actually didn't want the first but it was "pressed" on to me in a social/business situation.

      I am going to be very pissed off tomorrow if I pay at the scales.
    • I don't understand why people look at you with such disgust when you don't want to drink alcohol. I haven't had anything to drink for a year now, since I was 21, and at my age it makes me a freak of nature. People are always like, "are you sure?", "just one sip won't hurt", etc, etc. I think that these people have a problem if they can't go out and have fun without alcohol in their hands!
    • The problem is that I eally LOVE my red wine and it is a real sacrifice to abstain. SO if I abstain I expect to be congratulated NOT Coerced to 'just one'. My husband still drinks and is still purple (b%@#%^) but he is only doing LC to help me. Nice man.
      Announced at breakfast today.... no not doing this anymore you can keep going but Im having fruit fot B'fast and what ever you cook me for dinner. I wonder what will happen if he puts on weight as I will make creamed what ever that I can have - plesae tell me I do not have to do two food styles in my home!!!
    • Well, it might be a killer, but I am going to indulge at Easter time.
      Hubby and I are doing soooo well with this diet, we have lost 13kg between us, in just over three weeks.
      We have agreed that on Easter Sunday (but not all the days surrounding it...) we are going to let loose. We are going to have a few drinks, bring out all the naughty foods, and see how we feel after that.
      We are prepared for the few steps back that are going to be inevitable when we do kick our heals up, but at the moment, it is one of the things keeping hubby going, knowing that he can indulge occasionally.
    • Oh Herbie and hubby...... Haven't you been reading other people's posts?

      Please don't bring out ALL the naughty food. You are letting yourselves in for one heck of a bad time.

      My recent experience with half a small bag of chicken chips leftover from 4yo left me feeling gross, to say the least. Just one look at the ingredients found three different sugars!

      I blame it all on the antibiotics. Now I just want to get back into ketosis. It's really hard, so please take care.

    • Sometimes it can be good to treat ourselves on the rare occasions if we've been really strict.
      One thing we learnt with christmas is the people who just treated themselves a little did'nt do to bad whilst the people that went all out had alot of trouble getting back into the swing off things. It took some people a few weeks to get their resolve back.

      So just keep that in mind...
    • Dont stress

      Dont worry guys, I dont think I will go too silly. I am going to have a couple of chockies, and maybe some chips, and definately some alcaholic drinks (with diet cola of course). I am pretty sure that I will get some in my mouth, then be repulsed, but it is a dream non the less, lol.
      Knowing how well we have adapted to this style of eating, I dont think it will be a problem getting back into it.
      Might be a good think to be let down. :confused: