Easter alternatives

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    • Easter alternatives

      It's getting on to Easter and the shops are full of chocolate and candy eggs. Not good for many of us. I usually refuse any eggs for me, but why not minimise the impact on the family too?

      So maybe you could fill me in on what you do at Easter. Do you eat the eggs, have you found any alternative sources or do you do something different? And where do you find what you get?
      We have enough youth - how about a fountain of SMART?

      May you live in interesting times...
    • I'm not a real Easter Egg chocolate person, but I have had my eye on that cherry ripe egg! There is no way chocolate won't be in this house due to chocolate addicted bf, so it will be tough. I have decided on a Hot Cross bun (from a bakery) on Easter Sunday and being as strong as I can to refuse the chocky (and a very long walk on Sunday night). At least I don't have ankle biters around to cope with.

    • Diet or no diet, I am going to splurge on Easter Sunday.
      I have been really good, and I think I will have earned a treat by then.
      I will be straight back on low carb on the Monday, and because I know how strong I have been for the last 5 1/2 weeks, I know that I will get back into it alright.
      I wont let ANYONE deny me the right to eat lots of chocky in one day without looking like a guts.
    • Yes Darryl Lea make low carb bunnies and eggs, and also make up a pack of lowcarb chokkie and choc coated almonds. I reckon eating a whole bunny will have you hoppin" to the loo.

      Easter and xmas are my reward days, and last year I only ate chokkies and grapes all day. Felt awful come bed time, but I was back really strict next morning. It took 3 days to get back into ketosis.

      This year I will try to be a bit more sensible and eat some real food as well as the easter eggs.
    • Carbohydrate Modified Sugar Free Bunny

      Last Friday I found myself alone at home - so in the interest of experimentation - I decided to try the Sugar Free Bunny from Darrel Lea. Needless to say there is a warning message on the Bunny - excess consumption may have a laxative effect. Well this proved to be - has frightened me off bunnies for Easter.

    • Originally posted by raybeanberry
      How about a Hot X Muffin......

      Make up a batch of muffins with cinnamon/mixed spice, and for the X's mix a bit of Almond meal and water. Once cooked, cut in half and put under the grill, once done to your liking slap some butter on and enjoy :D. Then it won't seem like you are missing out :p.

      Oh yes I will!! I'm not convinced, RBB, but a very good try. I'll feel deprived and cranky all day! I'll stick to my Hot Cross Bun and a little chocky. Then back into it.:D

    • I'm going to have a treat on easter its a speical occassion. My mum bought me mine today (i got the little white lindt bunny pp!) its only small, i dont want to go overboard soo.. its okay.. about 45carbs in it i checked, but i can deal with that.. plenty of excercise to burn it off.
      easter comes but once a year! what other day you can eat chocolate for breakfast?... even though i eat choccie for breaky on xmas day too hehe.. my bad.
    • Originally posted by raybeanberry
      When did the little chocky come into it ;), you were just going to have the bun :p.

      I could try with just the bun, but I'm certain that there will be chocky in the fridge or freezer, not planted by me. I'll try but I don't like my chances (which is actually a good thing). I feel I will have no worries about eating all the buns, BF would be into them! I even have to hide my protein bars as they were mysteriously self depleating.:mad: He found my hidey hole!:(

    • Yes Darryl Lea have a lot of sugar free chokkies, but they aren't carb free, in fact some are pretty high in carbs.The zero carb chokkies and choc coated almonds are called zero carb, and so are their easter eggs.

      I think there is something wrong with the Darrel Lea stores in Canberra. I keep looking, but no low carb eggs or bunnies! What name do they go by and what is the packaging like?

      I was looking in a Darryl Lea shop that didn't have the Zero carb, and when I asked why they said they weren't a complete Darryl Lea shop, and they only carried some of the Darryl Lea lines, as well as other brands. False advertising I reckon, if it is called a Darryl Lea shop,you would expect to see all the lines there.