I'M LOSING TRACK - think I need a good talking too!

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    • I'M LOSING TRACK - think I need a good talking too!

      Hi all,

      Where do i start??? I've been doing low carb since March 2003. Have lost over 12kg's (didn't have scales first two weeks so it's probably more). I started taking the flax oil about 2 weeks ago. Everything was fine and I was drinking it straight morning and night and then one day I felt ill and drank the oil and it seemed to 'stay with me' all day. I couldn't get the thought of that awful feeling of having oil in my belly all day. Now I take it with a protein shake but seem to be in a rut. This week is the first week I have put weight on (300 grams). Some questions :-

      If I have it in a protein shake in the morning is that my breakfast?
      If try and have it 3 times a day that means 3 protein shakes. Is that replacing my food? In other words are the shakes meant to be meal replacements?
      If it isn't replacing my food should you take the oil before or after you eat? Does it work better at specific times?

      I've been all over the place lately and seem to be losing track. I work odd hours and also seem to be consuming more alcohol because of the lifestyle I lead. I haven't drank beer since starting and didn't have a drink at all for 2 months :eek: and only ever have brandy with diet coke or red wine now when I drink. I know this must be hindering me but I also know that I won't give it up so was trying to manage low carbing and alcohol even if it comes off slower. Am I asking too much here? I find myseflf skipping meals if I know I am going out drinking. I never really count my carbs either but have kind of stayed in induction and eat nuts or crackle or a muffin etc for snacks if I get hungry. I have not put anything hi carb in my mouth since March. I have no inclination to have a can of coke or a cake or bread which contains nearly 40 carbs and blowing all the good work I have done! I figure this is a good way of thinking and I know that mentally something has 'clicked' but I have just come a bit unstuck. A typical day for me would be a shake first thing in the morning. An omelette consisting of 2 eggs, bacon pieces, mushrooms and cheese and black decaf tea. If I am working at night I try and have my dinner around 3ish which would be maybe chicken or steak with mock cauli, broccoli and beans. Then I might take some olives and cheeses cut up with salami to nibble on at work or a tuna salad. When I come home at night I try so hard not to eat. Does it matter how late you eat? I know I sound all mixed up and I am full of questions and confused but I have done so well and feel so proud of myself that I would hate to get so despondent and just throw the towel in. I have 2 parties to go to this week and already I feel low about it, thinking I should go and not drink. The food side doesn't fuss me at all!!!! I guess I am a bit of a social party animal and feel like I have to stop being so social in order to lose weight but what is the point if your unhappy? Does this make sense? Sometimes I wonder if I am eating enough? I've noticed my water consumption is down but I still manange at least 2 litres a day. Is hard when I am travelling for work cos once you need the loo, stopping on the freeway is a tad difficult :rolleyes: I also think I need to sit down with my Atkins book and read a few chapters to get back on track. I bought a book called Curb the Carb yesterday so will see how that goes once I get some time to read it.

      Any help will be gratefully accepted. I have a long long way to go and to be truthful I am too embarrassed to even post my current weight. Most of the people start weights on here would be my dream goal weight!!!! I hope I haven't sounded all whingey and whiney. I don't know what I would have done without this site for help.

      I can't wait for your responses. Don't be too soft with me ... I probably need a good telling off :(

      Cheers Cazza xx
    • Cazza with the flax oil, how are you keeping it?
      Are you sick of it or could it have gone rancid?

      Also the flax is a supplement and replacement of bad fats at the same time. The goal of flax in terms of replacement is to replace the bad fats with the good fats.

      Also this diet is great for being able to lose weight without counting calories or having to worry so much about a deficit but eventually you will no longer be able to get away with it which might be where you are at now.

      I strongly suggest you have a go at fitday even if it's just to count it for a week to atleast get some idea of what your putting in your mouth so you can adjust accordingly.

      Alchohol well in my opinion you should'nt be drinking it, any of it no matter how many carbs it has.
      Even if it is low carb the fact is your body will take a preference to burning alchohol rather then fat. Which ofcourse means for aslong as you have alchohol in your system you will not burn fact, and on top of that because your not burning fat during that time you may STORE it!.

      Not good, especially when your not losing.

      Protien shakes can be a meal replacement (but remember you need real food too) or a supplement to excerise. What exercise do you do?
    • Hi Cassa,

      I endorse everything Sherrie has to say. I too am a shift worker so understand some of your problem.

      Shakes aren't designed as a meal replacement but you can use them as such as long as it is only one meal a day you are replacing. I have a shake for breakfast. The best route is to have real food....meaning as little processing as possible.

      Alcohol wise. You are right to stick with red wine, however, you should choose a night once a week and stick to once a week. If you are consuming alcohol you are not burning fat it is as simple as that.

      To gain the maximum benefit from flax seed oil you only need to consume about 40mls a day. I personally can't stomach more than 20mls. Maybe you are eating into your calorie deficit with the amount of oil you are consuming. As Sherrie suggests do a count on fitday and see how you are travelling calorie wise. Remember to include tea and coffee.

      I recently stalled because my coffee count went up but I was adding cream to it.

      Good luck. But you are already in front.....you see you have a problem and have come to the right place for the answers.
    • Yeah, i agree with all that too. But, please don't worry about 300gms!!!!!!!!! If you've lost 12kg since march then that's fantastic! Sometimes ppl get too caught up with counting the kgs and getting on the scales all the time. You can pee 300gms out I'm sure!

      Try using the tape measure every week instead of scales for a while, you might get a nice suprise!!!!!!

      Love Kegs:D
      I love myself!!!!
    • Originally posted by kegs

      Try using the tape measure every week instead of scales for a while, you might get a nice suprise!!!!!!

      I agree with all of the above too. Definately try and stay away from the scales for a while and as Kegs has quoted, use a tape measure instead.

      300gm is like a big cup of tea or coffee, the average cup holds 250ml which is 250gm. So don't worry about that.

      From the foods you are eating seems fine to me, but as already said the alcohol is not a good idea. I know how you feel though as, as soon as I get stressed out I like a drink too. Perhaps just one glass, one night a week. Watch the nuts and dairy products and see how you go.

      As for the flax, I make the muffins and warm them in the micro with a tbsp cottees diet topping, mash them and add the flax to that. Once mixed in you don't taste it. Or I add vinegar and garlic to it to make a salad dressing.:D :D

      HOpe we have helped you out a bit here, I know how hard it can be to stay focused when you are stressed or busy but it really will pay off in the end.:p
    • I haven't got anything professional to say to you, or to set you on the right track but I did want to say 'GO GIRL'!!!!
      Best of luck. Don't give up, you have done soooooo well so far. Fabulous effort you amazingly clever person. It took me a year to lose as much weight as you have cleverly lost in 2 months.
      I'm impressed.
      If ya have to be social and have a few drinks, make sure they are no carb and do some excercise the next day to burn off the alcohol. You said you aren't in a hurry to lose it and if you have to slow down the weight loss to remain social and happy then so what!!! Your state of mind is as important, no more important than your weight loss. An hour walk the next day will do you the world of good.
      See ya
      Lum, lum, lum: the sound of my dog kissing.
    • Losing 12kg's since march is a fantastic effort, you should be really proud of yourself.
      Sometimes the body just doesn't want to let go of any more weight and you need to put in a bit of extra effort to get going again.

      I quite often have a shake for breakfast, and add my flax to it. I find though that I am hungry by mid morning, whereas when I have bacon and eggs or a chicken omelette I am not. Either way I still tend to have a muffin for a snack which takes me through till lunch time. I never have more than one shake a day, sometimes I will have one for my afternoon snack if I haven't had it for breakfast.

      It's difficult not having a drink when socialising, but if you have wine try mixing it with soda water so at least you are keeping the amount down. There are some drinks that have no carbs, but your body will use the alcohol before anything else, and that will still stall your weight loss.

      Putting 300g's on is nothing, women can gain up to 2kg's a month for no apparent reason. It is all to do with the hormones..

      You definetely haven't sounded all whingey and whiney, everyone one the forum likes to hear how you are doing and will offer suggestions. It is up to you after that..

      Best of luck!!
    • Hi Cazza
      ditto ditto ditto to all the above.
      Just to make you feel a bit better, I actually have drinks almost every weekend. I do however try to counter balance it a bit with some extra exercise.
      I havent found that it has stalled me at all, but I am aware that if I did over do it, I would probably start going backwards.
      I am sure you will get through this lull, and come back fighting.

      You are doing a fantastic job. We all lose focus at times, but you are doing the right thing, vocalising your doubts, and asking for advice.

      Keep going, and you will do better than you ever thought possible.


      Sherrie I keep my flax in the fridge. I was drinking it quite fine till I got ill. I couldn't handle another day of that awful feeling so I basically need to have it with a shake for breakfast and find another way to have it in the afternoon. ewwwwwwww the thought of it YUK! Would 30 ml's in a shake be enough daily?????I understand what your saying about the booze. I need to cut down its that simple. I have to be honest about my exercise, all I do is walking at work. I do have a bike but the control thingy doesn't work on it so there is no incentive cos I can't see how many km's I've done. ( A LAME EXCUSE I KNOW!) I need to get into a better routine. Thanks again xx

      SandyJ - thanks for your kind words. Means a lot :D

      Hey Kegs, I know the 300 grams is nothing but its the first week I haven't lost. I drank 4 x 600ml bottles of water tonight at work and peed 7 times!!!! I already had 2 litres during the day so I figure that has to help! I have used the tape measure since the second or third week. Although I've recorded everything each week I didn't measure for 5 weeks. When I did I nearly fell over cos according to me i've lost 17.5 inches off my body since I started :eek: Does that seem right or have I stuffed up somewhere?

      Purplepixie I have read how you take your flax with a muffin. You are once crazy girl!!!! Somehow I don't think I am ready for that yet but I will keep it in mind :p

      Howgs - you made me laugh with your 'GO GIRL' hahaha. I guess I am silly to get so despondent when deep down I know that no exercise and alcohol really isn't helping me. Thanks for the encouragement :)

      Moonstruck that's exactly how I am if I have the shake for breakfast. I don't feel like I've had breakfast at all!!!! I've also had no problem losing at TOM time but I have noticed that I am irregular :( Not sure if that is the low carbing or not. Trying not to let that bother me too much :rolleyes:

      Thankyou all so much. I'll be able to read this all again tomorrow. I hope I can get out of my electric blanket bed tomorrow and go for a walk.

      Cazza xx
    • Cazza have you tried the POH cereal?
      I know for me the cereal gets me right through the morning and I can hide flax in there.
      I can understand how you feel about the flax, I can't take it straight either as the feel of it makes me gag. I was just checking because you mentioned it did'nt bother you before.
      I also find the flax hides well in a little cream, when I was desperate I'd mix it with a little cream, splenda and chopped strawberries. Could'nt tell it was there.

      Anyway as the others have said you could just be experiencing some fluid retention so don't panic yet. Just use this as a sign to knuckle down a bit more.

      Good Luck
    • Hi Sherrie,

      Yes I have tried the cereal. Did the hot version with a little splenda and a dob of diet jam and it made me gag more than the flax!!!! How do you have it?

      I've just got home after an hours walk with my dogs. Think I'm gonna ache tomorrow but least I did it :D :D :D Feeling good!!!

      Cazza xx
    • I need help too, I am new to this site and I hope there is someone who can help

      Hi, I don't know how to post my own message so I am replying to this one. i don't even know if I will get any replies.

      My issue here is, I started the diet because I have hypoglycemia, but recently the doctor said I was doing better and could start to eat normally again, I don't want to because I want to lose weight and I felt heaps healthier on the diet, but now he has let me off the leash, I can't seem to motivate or control myself anymore...... HELP
      what do I do?
      is there anyone who knows how I feel, and what I can do.
      I ordered the starter kit from this site for $200, but i don't like the protein shakes or the protein bars.
      seagull[Blocked Image: http://] :confused:
    • In the beginning I too felt the protein shake wasn't enough for breakfast (not making it through to lunch etc) so I increased the amount to 1.5 scoops and decreased my protein at my other meals and that got me through.

      And 30mls of flax once a day is definitely enough.
    • Hi Seagull and welcome to the forum.

      You mention you have hypoglycaemia and have been low carbing. Do you have much weight to lose? I personally think it is a little irresponsible of your doctor to tell you to go back to eating "normally" just because your blood tests are back to normal. You will be back to where your were if you don't adjust your diet.

      What protein shakes and bars did you get?
    • um, the protein shake was in little sachets and came in strawberry, banana and strawberry, and vanilla flavour and it says to mix it with water, but it tastes aweful with water.....could I possibly mix it with milk or something to make it taste better.
      I am five ten high, and I weigh 75kg's.
      when I first strated the diet, I lost about 8 kgs, but I have just strated to put it back on.
      the thing is, I have just begun a new job working at a gym as a membership consultant, and I have a personal trainer and am doing regular wrkout's but the thing is, i want to keep my diet on track so I can get more effective results.
      I want to lose a further 5 kg's at least, I want to get under 70kg's and its hard to motivate myself now that the doctor says I don't have a reason too.
      I crave sugar way too much now, yet when I was sick, it was just so unbelievably easy to say no.
    • To start a new thread, instead of post reply, select new thread.

      You have done very well Seagull and this is just the place to keep you going.

      Have you read Sherrie's getting started thread. It has soooo much info there.

      The shakes....you should just add water but I use it as the medium to take flax seed oil as I find that particularly disgusting. To my shake I add 20mls of the said flax and 20mls of cream. Some shakes disguise the flax and some don't. Strawberry is particularly yummy this way. I use a stab mixer but some people just shake it in a shaker (decor sell one that is good).

      Milk adds too many carbs so try and steer clear of that.

      You WILL be right back where you started if you don't adjust your diet and keep it that way. A good book for you to get would be Atkins for Life as you need to learn how to introduce carbs into your diet and find the level where you have the right amount and don't put on weight and don't crave sugars.....and by that stage don't lose any more weight....he he he....as you will be at your goal wt by the time you discover that level.