'fad diet cops a roasting'

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    • this has been all over the radio news and the papers today, and whilst i am not strictly on a low-carb diet at the moment for my own health reasons, everybody has been narking at me over it.. saying thats why i am sick etc etc.. i personally don't think it is but whatever..
      i have no real point, except screw everyone, do what is right for you.
      I get what i want, and i like what i see.
    • My son tells me that they had a article on sunrise yesterday about the atkins diet, saying that it will lead to kidney damage and osteoporisis(s?). It makes me so mad that people are so narrow minded and that no research goes into these programs before they decide to blab bad things about them.
    • Hey Rebecca, Im with you. I am sick as a dog with this flu and thats what I got as well.
      What I don't understand is that in the Sunday paper about 2 weeks ago the CSIRO was saying that LC was a better way. However their LC and Atkins are quite different. When I added it up their lc was high by Atkins but way below a typical WW day.
      So I guess as you say if it works for you do it.
      Regardless on what WOL you follow the rule for all it WATER, WATER, WATER keeps your skin nice too...:D
    • OK, low carb does not equal ketogenic. Most of the criticism of "low carb" diets is actually criticism of ketogenic diets. Most people don't understand the difference.

      One of the claims this UK nutritionist has been making is that no-one knows what the long term health effects of "low carb" (I bet she means ketogenic) diets really are - she thinks they are a fad that only started with Robert Atkins. Well, of course we know what the long term effects of low carb diets are. For thousands of years Eskimos have eaten very little carbohydrate. Fruits, grains and vegetables are impossible to grow on arctic tundra. They have subsisted primarily on a diet of protein and fat. The suffer very little heart disease, diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure etc and they are no different genetically to any of us. Next time someone tells you "low carb" is a fad diet, remind them of that.
    • True, I have been eating low carb (50 to 100g CHO per day, not ketogenic) for almost a year now. This WOE was suggested to me by a sports physiologist who is overseeing my training plan. I am an endurance athlete and train 11 - 12 sessions a week.

      Funny how I don't run out of energy, get the shakes, get constipated, get sick (haven't been sick with ANYTHING in over 18 months).

      So if people want to knock low carbing, let them, just say each to their own. It's their loss, they are only parroting what they have read in the latest "scientific journal" (read - "New Idea" or similar trashy pulp magazine for the masses). :rolleyes:
    • I hadn't heard any of this news bagging LC until I read the article that sam had posted. Just to let everyone know I have also had people on my back saying how bad the diet is, so 2 days ago I deceide to have another go at low fat. I felt tired and hungry and irritable. I also suffer from irritable bowel syndrome which I haven't had a problem with since LCing, but this morning I was doubled over in pain. So needless to say I am back on the LC and already feel heaps better. Also since I started LCing 4 weeks ago I have lost 12kg, so I think that speaks for itself.
    • Yes I am sherrie. I can assure you I will not be listeneing to any bagging, as long I am losing and feeling great at the same time, I will continue. This site has helped me heaps, with everyone's tips and recipes. Keep up the good work everyone.
    • You know, I've been thinking about this thread a bit and I've been wondering what you all think about this........

      How useful do you think it would be if we started a thread which made a list of all the criticisms levelled at low carb and / or ketogenic diets, and answers to these which are supported by research or evidence?

      It seems to me that a lot of people on this site seem to cop flak from their "friends" / families / co-workers / whatever (instead of the support they deserve) and perhaps could benefit from a one-liner or two when they feel the need to defend their WOE.
    • I too would love to know what Kazz is eating!

      I have been low carbing since June but a couple of weeks ago decided to give the CSIRO diet a try. It was still high protein but you are allowed cereal and bread etc. I had horrible bloating feeling and was hungry all the time. While following the Atkins plan I would not be continually thinking of what I was going to eat next, on this plan I was constantly thinking of food and would end up eating so called 'low fat' processed foods.

      I too listened to people about how bad the fat was but now know how great I felt while low carbing and how awful it feels to be eating processed foods.

      I am now back on day 1 on Atkins and am only going to stay on induction for two weeks and go straight onto OWL. I think I stayed on induction too long last time (4 weeks) which is why I became bored!