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    • Sherrie I was wondering if you could throw some light on this.
      All of a sudden I have put on 2.5 k over night. NO I have not been out on the town or had a drink. The only think I have done different is have 2 low carb bars from Amway.
      This is the ingredients in the bar.
      Positrim protein bar
      protein blend (whey protein isolate soy protein isolate protein cincentrate,hydrolzed whey isolate) glycerin, maltitol,sunflower oil,soy nuggets (soy peotein isolate, rice flour, malt, salt,cocoa (processed with alkali) almonds (3.3%)natural flavour, salt ,calcum phosphate, lecthin, sucralose.
      Carbs 4
      Sugers .5
      Fibre 1
      There does not seen to be anything I should not have in there but maybe you can see something.
      Hope you can help Delia

      If it is to be it is up to me
    • Thankyou girls for your answers back.

      Sharie I think I have had Maltitol in low carb chocolate and it never did this.

      Annelies I had one bars on the one day and the next one two days later.

      Moomstruck It was 4g for a 65g bar

      Bloated belly I will read your posts and see what happens to you. I have had SPI before in drinks and it has been ok.

      The funny thing was my measurements stayed the same.
      It is now a week and I have only lost .7 this morning of the 2.5 gain. At least it is coming off.

      Oh it is not TOM I don't get them anymore thank goodness.

      Thanks again girls.

      If it is to be it is up to me
    • Not that I am aware of Sherrie
      I throw my HRT about 3 years ago and after about 2 months I felt really good and everything stopped. I had two periods after that 6 months and a year apart/ I have been fine ever since. Still that is a thought.
      I lost 1.2 this week so looks like I am kicking in again.
      I finished the cheese cake and I also had 2 more of the bars so may not have been them.
      What else I did was eat the fat on the bacon and put some more butter on the vegetables.
      This rally is trial and error. This week I am going to up the carbs to 30 and see how I go. I guess it is possible my body wants more vegetables.
      I also ordered cereal muffins and some bars from this site.
      I will see how I go.
      Thanks for you postings.

      If it is to be it is up to me