LC Living and effect on health

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    • LC Living and effect on health

      I am interested to hear from others on the effect that LC eating has had on your health.

      I know that it makes you feel better, look better and regain energy, but with the differing opinions in the medical and dietician fields it is difficult to know what effect the diet has on your health.

      I am into week 4 of LC eating and I went to my GP last night to get a check up and check my cholesterol, etc. The blood test results will take a couple of days to come back, however my blood pressure has dropped to a comfortable level (it has always been a tad high) and I have already dropped 6.5-7 kg.

      My GP would not give an opinion on LC living as he said there are many differing opinions. He said that in general he had observed some drops in cholesterol in people on LC diets, but that you had to be careful with triglycerides. It comes down to the individual, but he would not commit to saying that increasing fat and protein and reducing carbs was good or bad. He did "lecture" me on the speed that I had lost weight and why I was doing it, etc.

      I am not eating a great deal of fat, mainly because I don't feel like or crave it. My appetite has really reduced and believe it or not, I no longer crave sweet things. I have some LC chocolate and shakes in my fridge that I do not have any desire to consume - I can't believe it!

      My question to my fellow LCers, is what health changes (other than looking, feeling better) have you all experienced? Have you seen reduction in blood pressure, cholesterol, etc?
    • Ditto on the blood pressure. I started low carbing after the second of a series of checks on my blood pressure before my GP was going to put me on medication for it. Within the first month I went from 140/90 to 130/80:)

      Have been thinking lately that it would be interesting to get my cholesterol levels checked.
    • my blood pressure has always been really good, never had my cholesterol done. i do know that low carb has 'cured' me of hypoglycemia, well i do get it if i eat high carbs again, or don't eat for a whole day!! but i don't get hypoglyemic every day if i eat low carb properly at all.
      cheers, sam

      go hard...or go home
    • my cholesterol did drop a little after lcarbing for 6 months, but i have to admit i am a fat fan, probably eat too much fat. never had a problem with blood pressure so i cant comment on that one but like sam i had problems with hypoglycemia. Havent had that happen since i started lcarbing which is around 10 months now.
      on a different note, saw my sister in law last night, she's up from melbourne and one who never pays any compliments. she said i looked as good now as i did when i first met her brother (my husband), i was flattered but then on reflecting what she said i wondered if ive looked THAT bad for the past 26
    • after 3 months cholesterol went from 6.5 to 4.5...
      sport wise had less strength, however more stamina and energy...

      Thats my take on this sure it differs per individual regarding muscle mass, current level of fitness and quality of carbs consumed (the all important QCC index)
      Cheers, Matt.
      Part Time Low Carber - Full Time Clown.

      Overall Weight Loss:

    • I have found that when doing LC I do feel healthlyer . My aches and pain go . e.g. back , knees . Might be because I am also eating more healthy fats and less sugar . When not eating high carb my tummy feels more comforable . TOM is heaps better as well , don't get pains etc . My skin looks healther as well . plus you do lose fat off your body to the point , that people ask want are doing . I have more engery, and also sleep better . As I have been off track for a while all the above have got worst . But now I am back on track .
      lady bird