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    • what constitutes bingeing?

      just curious since i have found that i have become a little obsessive with this lc eating and if i have a handful of cornchips i feel very guilty and i dont want to live like that. The other night we went to a friends house, she warned me she was ordering pizzas and so i stopped off at a fish shop and bought a piece of grilled fish and made a salad, when i finished that i had a slice of pizza and afterwards felt really guilty. I would like to be able to achieve a level where i can basically follow lc but occasionally eat other stuff without classifying it as a splurge.

      what do u guys consider going overboard..... give me some examples so i wont feel bad about a slice of pizza
    • me personally, i consider going overboard foolows this pattern: i have something high carb, like pasta, then i think well hell i've done it now so i eat some bread, then some rice. something like that.

      i don't think you should guilt yourself about 1 slice of pizza. maybe you can make a deal with yourself, i did this and it wored. i told myself i could have something 'naughty' once a fortnight if i stuck to low carb during the fortnight. i always made it something i really loved, like my partner's lasagna or rogan josh curry with basmati rice. i don't go for chocolate and i stay away from potatoes and stuff like that. i sometimes have homemade pizza on pita bread.
      cheers, sam

      go hard...or go home
    • Mutza over board is when your doing it everyday or even worse and having more because you have already 'blown' it.

      The occasional cheat is not a bad thing and provided it is occasional can be good for staying on track at other times plus it helps keep our body guessing.
    • I agree with Sam. Bingeing is when you have something high-carb and then say what the heck I've ruined it now and then continue eating more high-carb.

      Your 1 slice of pizza is fine as long as you can stop at 1. I personally couldn't stop at 1 slice because once I get the taste of it, I want more.

      Also, if that 1 slice of pizza and maybe a few other naughties throughout the week don't affect weight loss then I don't see a problem. If you find you are not losing weight you should cut back or just have your low-carb snacks.
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    • I know we all want to loss weight . And things like that always come when we are trying to be real strong BUT life is short , so enjoy yourself But don't go over board , I slice of pizza is nothing , or even two . Just enjoy your friends , then the next day just go back on track . Just don't get in your mind I have blowen it and then start piging out for a few more days . As this is a WOE .

      Lady bird
    • Originally posted by ladybird
      I know we all want to loss weight . And things like that always come when we are trying to be real strong BUT life is short , so enjoy
      Lady bird

      i agree, life is too short, funny thing is that the last two weeks i have been feeling like ive been eating all wrong, not enough veggies and not enough good carbs..... but ive lost 1 kg and i havent had a loss for over 4 months so that was surprising....i have been happy with the weight loss and wasnt really trying to lose anymore but all the same, this was a very pleasant surprise
    • Mutza, I do that about once or twice a month. It hasn't affected my weigh loss in the big scheme of things but probably has slowed it down:p As long as it goes down and not up I am happy..When I blow out I seem to think the same as Sam..After the initial pizza I go on a hunt for anything that look good or that I would like to have eaten in the prevoius month. Last binge went like this
      Pizza..about 5 slices..choc chip bun with icing..packet of crisps..and something else I can't remember. What I do now if I have a blow out is not get on the scales until I am in K again and no damage is done if I only do it on the odd occasion..
      Don't feel guilty, it makes it worse, just enjoy it and get back on track the next day:D
      It's funny how I usually only do it at home and not in front of any friends (I probably want to keep up
    • I treat myself once a month. On the 28th day I have whatever I feel like, without asking "is it LC?". I find that (after 12 months of this) I don't go silly but I do eat what I want - and if that's mashed potato, or a chocolate pudding, then so be it.

      For me, a binge is where everything that passes my lips is HC and then I hunt HC stuff down and keep going... I try not to feel guilty about 1 spring roll or piece of pizza, but I also only indulge if I know I can stop.