The Tony Ferguson Diet - Tony Ferguson Weightloss Program

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      On Tony Ferguson I had lost seven kilos in the seven weeks but was too scared to keep going..... and very disappointed. Then when I went on Celebrity Slim later on Ihad only been on it three days. That resulted in an ambulance ride and two shots of morphine.You can imagine how glad I am to have found your forum and a way of eating that I can trust. I have not lost much weight because of my bloodpressure meds butat least it is healthy and painless!Thank you all for what you are doing.
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      What are the rules on this diet...what veggies can you eat and is it an unlimited ammount? I've seen the shakes in boots and have thought about it but I kind of grudge the £28+ a week it will cost...unless it really will work.
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      personally, i would steer clear of tony ferguson and other shake programs. atkins, bodytrim or dukan, harcombe all seem to work and there are threads on all of these on this forum. drink plenty of water, avoid processed foods and eat plenty of leafy greens, protein and the good fats like coconut oil, olive oil, avocado, animal fats, butter and it is possible to eat well, feel well and lose the weight AND put your pounds towards good food, not shakes:D all the very best. u will find this site interesting, informative, encouraging etc:D
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      Hi sorry to interrupt just thought I'd say that with the vegies you are recommended to have a minimum 3 cups per day but all the vegies from the list are unlimited bar a selected few like pumpkin and high carb vegies. This list also changed significantly every 6-12 months as does the fruit and extras list as the program is constantly reviewed each time feedback is received on how well the program is working and they allow more foods as they experiment with whether or not it affects different people's weightloss results. Also the palm sized protein is 120g for female and 220g for males we just say approx palm sized as we don't encourage the idea of having to weigh everything you eat and count calories all day. The program can be difficult but each shake holds the minimum requirements of your daily intake 33%, also the vitamins may seem small but the great majority of vitamins are not held in the system so having more then what you really need is a waste of time as you're only going to dispose of them and use the percentage that the body requires in a day. For example a glass of orange juice usually holds around 200% of your daily needs of Vitamin C and most people will eat several foods throughout the day that contains vit c such as strawberries or capsicum. Tony Ferguson is designed to help people who cannot force themselves to reduce their portions to a healthy intake. It is only designed to get people to a healthy weight according to their BMI calculated on height and weight. Keep in mind that the program is tailor made when you have a high BMI starting at 40 or more you actually have 2 serves of protein based meals and 2 shakes if your BMI is quite low and you want to lose weight even if you don't really need to you are on a 1 shake a day program and if you are at a healthy weight or have reached your personal goal we slowly move you to a regular diet all the while teaching you how to eat healthy but enjoy the occasional treat like that really great chocolate muffin you stare at while you drink your coffee. Also no exercise is required on the program but is encouraged even on a low level like taking the stairs instead of the lift every bit burns calories. Oh and most people will lose at least 1 kg a week some lose more it depends on the initial weight and metabolism I have personally helped several people to lose more than 10 kgs in 3 months which is really fantastic for them I am also not a size 6 so I'm sure the consults were a lot easier for people working with a size 12 person, though I have just had a baby and I am more like a 14 to 16 now but I am just beginning the tony ferguson program again and I can say the first time I did the program I lost 6 kgs in 2 weeks and I have known people to lose up to 5 kgs in their first week usually those with more to lose but it is certainly effective. I would not consider this a crash diet it is low calorie but not low carb so don't get too excited about the figures or freak out about them they are not the same for everyone. Happy to help if you have more questions I know I have missed a lot of info here :)
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      Also I forgot to mention that it is true that if you do not follow the program correctly you are likely to put on weight. You can't have a shake for brecky and a naughty snack or two as you will be consuming more carbs than you need and in order to lose weight you need to burn off what you eat as well as a little extra to lose weight. So if you do over eat you'd better take the stairs, several times, until you burn off all the extra calories. I once had a customer who felt that her small snack of a bag of lollies that did not fill her up in any way should have made any difference to her weight loss... think about it people sugar much?
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      Hello Sarah, we don't seem to get any new members (at least none that post) that follow this diet anymore, it's been pretty much just Atkins or Bodytrim for some time now.
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      Why is that?
      What is so good about either of those diets?
      If you think Tony Ferg is a crash diet why would anyone talk about atkins?
      20g of carbs per day is ridiculous how do you even get the energy to move?
      And without exercising how are you even burning off all the fat in those liberal amounts of butter and egg and such but you're only allowed half an avocado...
      It is very similar in fat content why is that not a liberal food, it contains so much omega 3
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      Do not even get me started on Body trim. Why pay someone to tell you how to live healthy?
      Eat a diet full of vegies fruits and lean meats do not over eat carbs stick to small portions and make sure you eat 5 times a day drink loads of water not only will it make you feel fuller make it easier for your body to flush out toxins keep you hydrated and stop the body from storing excess fluid you'll feel better. exercise at least an hour a day doing at least a brisk walk or do some full on aerobics for 30 mins and always stretch. Do not mistake hot drinks for fluid intake this is a step backwards the body absorbs cold or lukewarm water easier Do not over eat creamy and high fat foods because it is bad for you it has nothing to do with your weight loss everyone has different weight gain triggers i can eat a load of kfc but take me to the bakery and i'll be 5 kgs heavier after a donut everyone is different but no one should not be able to decide for themselves what is a problem for them and what isn't there is nothing wrong with a shake, they are better for you then most the meals people eat and they generally contain higher quantities of vitamins and minerals. People are not so uneducated in basic fitness and what is and isn't healthy they just need to learn how much they should be eating and when. Go to your doctor your pharmacist they will tell you based on your health needs. I'm so sick of hearing how good certain programs are compared with others yeah maybe body trim is great but do you really want to be stuck on the same program for life "It is a lifestyle" after all
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      I tried this one a couple of years ago and it does work but gets boring very quickly. It is way too restrictive. Thats why I am enjoying Atkins, after trying Tony Ferguson (and giving up after a month) is the variety of what you can eat is great.
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      Aren't you worried about what will happen when you try to eat carbs again?
      atkins is so low on carbs i'm surprised people are getting enough for healthy brain function. Doesn't it annoy you measuring out everything you eat? Have you ever tried using the maintenance program on tony ferg? or just creating your own diet?
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      Sarah please stop because you obviously have not researched it as your questions show. 20g is for the first 2 weeks only, then you gradually increase them as you find what carbohydrates your body tolerates.

      Healthy brain function? you do realise that much lower carb and higher fat diets are used to treat epilepsy in children? Obviously every persons experience is not going to be the same but most people comment on how clearer their head is once in ketosis.

      You criticise the limit on avocado, again this shows your ignorance, what fat source do you think will be easier to over eat? avocado's or a stick of butter? In the induction phase he intentionally puts limit on high fat sources such as cheese, cream, olives and avocados simply because they are too easy for some people to over eat without thinking about it and you will not lose weight if you eat more calories then your body requires. After that initial phase when ketosis and it's appetite suppressing effects have well and truly kicked in and some habits of over eating are broken, it is a lot easier to simply find your own limits.

      As for counting, again people only generally count in the early days until they get a feel for the values of various foods etc Some people just follow the rules and count later when they get closer to goal and stall and thus they count to help them tweak with it. What do you think is easier to make a lifestyle, learning the values of different foods or just eating what you're told you can eat? You critisize how Atkins can become a lifestyle yet you sell a diet that uses meal replacements.

      Nor do I understand why you assume people don't exercise? Everyone knows the importance of exercise and its reccomended in the Atkins book.

      Seriously, if you comment on this again I will ban you as I am already getting complaints. This is an independent low carb forum for regular people that wish to share their experiences with each other without worrying about people peddling their diets on to them. I have let you post your thoughts on your diet and I don't mind you visiting if you want to actually learn about various diets. However, you are not welcome to come here to push your diet that you sell on to others, let alone criticise them for their choices that don't blend well with your diet.

      There is no one size fits all nor should there be, because ultimately to make it a lifestyle you have to tailor a diet to fit you so it is no longer a diet. People always think Atkins is so restricting but you would be surprised how many people change their minds once they give it a go, you just need to look past induction and use it as a base towards your own lifestyle. But even Atkins isn't for everybody and that's ok.

      You have had your say many times and now I have had mine, now I do not want to see any more comments here by you.
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    • Re: The Tony Ferguson Diet - Tony Ferguson Weightloss Program

      Hi there

      I'm a newbie. It's been interesting reading this thread because it is good to see the 'minuses' as well as the pluses of this diet. I recently joined TF and coming up to this Saturday, will have lost approximately 6 kg in 6 weeks. I opted for this diet because I'm only 150cm tall and while working overseas, ate out and late a LOT so have ended up being 80kg which is far too heavy for my height. My goal is to lose 30kg in total and maintain it where possible - I really needed something to kick start the process and I need something more structured than just eating less etc. So I thought I'd share my experiences - not trying to start an argument :)

      I was on the 'weight loss' phase of Tony Ferguson for 3 weeks (2 shakes a day plus one normal meal at night) and have been on the Progress for 3 weeks (1-2 shakes a day plus a normal meal plus reintroducing preferred foods). I have to confess that I haven't been incredibly strict with my adherence to the diet because I do need a diet that is sustainable in the long-term, so a few of my deviations from the rules include:

      • even during weight loss phase, one evening I had a medium-sized to large pasta dish.
      • during weight loss and progress I HAVE had sweets outside of the TF-range of sweets - home made chocolate biscuits, Italian cake, real chocolate etc
      • during lunchtimes when it's supposed to be just vegetables, I've been having a Chicken Mushroom Sumo Salad that has dressing and quite a bit of avocado in it.
      • I've eaten out at Chinese restaurants on at least 3 occasions and eaten things including chilli beef, sweet and sour pork and other TF-unfriendly items
      • I have eaten low fat tasty cheese
      • I have eaten low fat ricotta more than twice a week
      • I've had treats more than twice a week e.g. Skinny Cow ice cream one day and biscuit or fruit tart another day :P
      • I had a Birthday Week :D
      • I don't just have two pieces of fruit a day, I split an apple or a pear in half and eat half the fruit in the morning and half in the afternoon
      • I don't restrict myself to a tiny piece of protein at night - I have been having a 'proper' normal portion of whatever, but replacing pasta/rice/bread with vegetable alternatives.
      • I have had normal pizza twice during the last 6 weeks.

      For me, the reason TF seems to be working for me is that it is making me think a lot harder about things that I eat.
      • I see definite consequences from things that I eat so whereas I used to impulsively eat whatever whenever I felt like it, now I think about what I ate yesterday, what I've eaten today already and what I intend to eat in the next day or so and make the relevant adjustments. If I'm going to have a nice yummy dinner out, then I have salad for lunch.
      • I check all of the food labels for products I buy now and even when they are in excess of TF guidelines, I still buy then but just make sure I adjust previous or subsequent meals
      • I don't 'deny' myself but find alternatives, for instance, I've found that I'm just as happy with lasagne that uses eggplant rather than pasta but I still want to eat risotto with real rice. I'm happy to replace my potatoes with notatoes but probably still want to have chips at some point :)
      • I am still baking sweets/biscuits but I let myself have a couple, let my husband have a couple and then take the rest into the office to share with colleagues so that temptation is removed from me but I still get a treat … It feels like a reward of sorts but I'm happy with confining myself to a nice sweet biscuit/slice of cake once a week.
      • I fell out of the habit a long time ago of having breakfast but having the one shake in the morning (whether as a shake or heated up in pudding form) is great. I actually don't mind doing that in the long-term because it's convenient and I'm not a fan of other forms of breakfast (cereal/hot meal etc)

      I am very conscious that a lot of people say that the diet isn't sustainable in the long-term but given that I am already in the stages of phasing out the meal replacements and I haven't really cut much out of my diet except impulse carbs and impulse sugar - I am still very hopeful that this is something I can continue to maintain for the long-term.
    • Re: The Tony Ferguson Diet - Tony Ferguson Weightloss Program

      Hi Newbie,
      That is so exciting that you've been finding the program is working for you with your own adjustments! I'm not a tony ferg consultant any more but before becoming a mum it was my favourite part of my job and I still get really excited when I see previous members around town and we have a chat and they tell me how well they've been doing so I'm really happy for you.

      I myself have been doing a modified version of the program I just sort of adjust things to either match the carb content of a shake roughly as they do on the progress program to introduce regular food back into the diet or like you I try to make up for my slip ups by preparing in advance to have them lol

      Its great to see some positive feedback about the program because it really is great for people to learn different things about general health eg reading labels and understanding them and such not to say people don't know this I just mean I notice people make more conscious choices about what they eat and when they eat etc. Myself included, I've always known what is bad for me and why I shouldn't eat it but until I joined the tony ferg program and then 6 months later actually became a qualified consultant I just never thought about it I just ate whatever tasted good!

      I'm really excited for you thanks so much for your reply it has brightened my day after all the negativity I received the first time I made a post on this topic

      Congratulations again and if you start to plateau when you get close to your goal just continue doing what you're doing and mix it up. The program is very flexible as it is the bare minimum for weight loss for people that can't drink a cup of coffee without putting on weight so it can easily be tailor made to your own needs

      PS you are so lucky you can eat extra treats I have low blood sugar and every time I eat the tiniest sugary treat I put on 2 kgs! Its my weight gain nemesis lol
    • Re: The Tony Ferguson Diet - Tony Ferguson Weightloss Program

      P668494 wrote:

      Hey Sherrie you must a "Red Hot Imbecile", your quick to act like The Archbishop Of Canterbury in telling me not to call TF Dieters "Fat Swines" but your quite happy to engage in coversations around "oral sex" and "swallowing"..... Show some consistancy in your rulings!:mad:

      Not that I've seen Sherrie talk about oral sex and swallowing, but even if she was that is totally different to calling someone a fat swine just because they follow a particular diet. Having a conversation about something is totally different to attacking a person for no reason. If you can't figure out the difference then it's probably you who is a "red hot imbecile".
    • Re: The Tony Ferguson Diet - Tony Ferguson Weightloss Program

      Hmmm I am thinking he is referring to a discussion years ago regarding carb levels in a certain substance :eek:

      What that has to do with calling people names I don't know but regardless this is just not acceptable I can only assume he's a troll because frankly it's pretty plain obvious that his behaviour is unacceptable.
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    • Re: The Tony Ferguson Diet - Tony Ferguson Weightloss Program

      Lol sounds like it was an interesting conversation :p I agree he seems to be a troll who was slighted in some way by somebody in his life that followed TF. I mean, I hate shake diets as much as the next person but there is no need to call people names for following TF if they don't know any better.
    • Re: The Tony Ferguson Diet - Tony Ferguson Weightloss Program

      If you look at his profile he even calls himself something like a dirty fat pig. I am sorry but I can't rightfully sit here and let overweight people be put down repeatedly like that. I gave him the benefit of the doubt the first time but he's kept it going to the point I had to warn him and then continued on here with his insults. It is clearly listed in the forum rules that we should treat each other with respect, not that it should even need to be listed in a set of rules!

      And yes it was a funny conversation :D
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    • Re: The Tony Ferguson Diet - Tony Ferguson Weightloss Program

      Hmm that is very strange that he even insults himself! And I've never understood people who call other people fat on a weight loss forum, it's just crazy. If you're on a weight loss forum then you are either overweight yourself or have been in the past, so to tease people about their weight is really unacceptable. I did a search under his name to try and have a look at his profile but no posts came up so I'm guessing you deleted all his posts? Oh well, seems like we are better off without them.