Eating out Low Carb Style!

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    • Eating out Low Carb Style!

      Hey after reading about a low carb friendly place in Miestar's diary I thought it would be a good idea to have a thread where everyone can share details on low carb restuarants/take away etc... and even ideas we come across!
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    • Well...we have a favourite Mongolian BBQ almost across the road from us. Your choice of meat, veg & sauces, then they cook it on a big plate in front of you. As long as you avoid the breadsticks it's very low carb :) And the owner knows us because we're there all the time so we get a little discount :D

      Genghis Khan Mongolian Barbecue
      172 Glynburn Road, Tranmere, Adelaide
    • Vlado's Restaurant
      61 Bridge Road
      Richmond Victoria 3121

      Fully Licenced restaurant. Set menu at a cost of $75 per head.
      Meat was cooked exceptionally well.
      Set menu consisted of sausage, simple salad: cabbage, lettuce and tomato wedges in vinagarette dressing, then 3 more types of meats as entree. Main part of meal was your choice of rib eye or porterhouse (not sure if this changes) and cooked how you liked. Dessert if you could fit it in fresh strawberrys with cream/icecream or strawberry stuffed crepe with cream and icecream and coffee.

      The restaurant has been operating since 1964 and some of the awards on the wall went along the lines of best meat restaurant in Australia.
    • At any restaurant you can usually get a low carb meal if you are (a) careful about what you order; and (b) talk to the chef (not the servers). My other half wanted to go to a local Mexican place run by a friend of ours. I was doubtful due to the low carb factor and the fact that I cannot tolerate chills or hot foods.
      So I went and had a talk to Tom (owner/chef) and here is what I ended up with:

      Monterey Chicken (my recreation recipe).

      Chicken breasts fillets
      Bacon rashers
      Avocado, sliced
      herbs of choice (I use fennel seeds and rosemary)
      butter and olive oil

      You will need an ovenproof dish of appropriate size.

      Add a little olive oil to the dish, sprinkle with fennel seeds (you could use chilli or garlic here if that is to your taste, but it may overpower the chicken and avocado flavours). Lay the chicken fillets in the dish and top with a little butter. Sprinkle with rosemary. Place in a medium hot oven. Cook for about 15-20 mins.
      While it is cooking you can slice the avocado and cheese and cut the rashers to size to lay on top of the chicken.
      Remove the chicken from the oven, turn oven up to hot. Lay bacon rashers on chicken, return to oven. After 5-10 mins, when bacon is just starting to crisp, remove again and lay avocado slices then cheese slices on top. Return to oven and bake for about 5 mins or until cheese starts to brown.
      Serve and enjoy!

      Nice with green veges or a salad. At the restaurant they put a spicy tomato salsa over it, but I had it without that as I don't do spicy foods very well.
      Odille -
      following Primal Lifestyle

      Low fat is so last century!
    • Re: Eating out Low Carb Style!

      I'll just add a couple more different cuisines.
      Turkish and Greek resturants
      Both have the usuals to avoid like bread, rice etc.. But it is also easy to select other great tasting food on the menu. Much of the meals are meat based, which I love.
      We eat out at a Turkish restuarant every Friday night.
      With both of these cuisines, they are great tasting, low cost and with the right choices made, low carb.
    • Re: Eating out Low Carb Style!

      You know I don't think I have even been to a greek or turkish restaurant or recall seeing one before.

      But I remember when I was pregnant I went to a tepanyaki(sp?) restaurant and it was very low carb. Lots of grilled prawns, bugs, chicken, steak and raw salmon. The noodle type dish was very small so no dramas skipping that and there was plenty of wasabi if you needed a kickstart! :eek:
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    • Re: Eating out Low Carb Style!

      Yep what Chicken Legs said, you all would of at some stage in your life had a souvalaki or a gyro or doner kebab - well when you eat in at Turkish restaurant you can get the meat be it lamb, beef or chicken on a plate just the meat and its delicious. They also have other things like fetta cheese or haloumi at greek restaurants, grilled eggplant dishes, okra, beans, salads etc., very yummy and is usually really cheaply priced. Just stay clear of the breads and your pretty safe.
    • Re: Eating out Low Carb Style!

      Ah yes we call them yiros here, alot of places will actually serve them to you on a plate or in one of those take away hot packs. I don't know about over there but here theres also alot of fish shops that sell yiros as well including hot packs of just the yiros meat and salad!
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      Let me know if you think of anything else handy from the site to put here.
    • Re: Eating out Low Carb Style!

      what exactly is wasabi? I bought a mayo with wasabi in it the other day, it's nice but I didn't know what wasabi was?

      We eat at the Black Stump restaurants, not sure if there in other states...but the chef there accommodates us very nicely...she will even make a cream based sauce with mustard or whatever so I can avoid their pre packaged sauces they have like diane sauce that has carbs/sugar in it.
    • Re: Eating out Low Carb Style!

      Wasabi - is horseradish?

      I love the stuff pre-LC we used to love those sushi rolls/californian rolls and you mix a little bit of wasabi with soy and dip it in and mmmmm yummo.

      I have a tube in the fridge still of prepared wasabi in a tube.

      The Carb count is for the prepared stuff - not sure what they use at the shops or restaurants:

      Average Qty per 100g
      Energy 1,310kj
      Protein 1.7g
      Fat total 9.8g
      - saturated 1.4g
      Carbohydrate 54.2g
      - sugars 52.5g
      Sodium 2,600mg

      Ingredients: Horseradish 37%, Lactose, Corn Oil, Sorbitol, Salt, Water, Artificial Flavour, Colours (100,102,133) Thickner (415), Food Acid (330).

      Yeah lots of crap in it - but it tasted ohhhh so good :D
    • Re: Eating out Low Carb Style!

      The stuff I got is S&W Mild Wasabi in a squeeze bottle,
      stats are

      per 100g
      Energy 731 cals
      Protein 2.5g
      Fat total 68g
      saturated 10g
      Carbs 1.0g
      sugars 0.7g
      Sodium 540mg

      per 15g serving
      Energy 109calories
      Protein .4g
      fat total - 10.5
      saturated 1.5g
      Carbs .2g
      sodium 90mb

      S&W make an awful whole egg mayo but this stuff is whole egg too and very nice (IMO)
    • Re: Eating out Low Carb Style!

      On the subject of takeaway food.....
      If I'm really craving a burger....
      I head to Hungry Jacks and order a Bacon Double Cheeseburger Deluxe (or two if they have those vouchers out :) ) and a cutlery set.
      Open it up and eat with a knife and fork (not the bun of course!)
      A few strange looks (mostly from my boyfriend) but it's yum! :D
    • Re: Eating out Low Carb Style!

      Lots of people do that and I guess the one good thing about doing that (from HJ versus Mc Donalds) is they don't fry their burgers in questionable vegetable oils.

      HJ's buy their lettuce chopped so they couldn't do it but some people when ordering burgers ask them to wrap it in the lettuce leaves!
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      Let me know if you think of anything else handy from the site to put here.