Eating out Low Carb Style!

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    • Re: Eating out Low Carb Style!

      julz wrote:

      On the subject of takeaway food.....
      If I'm really craving a burger....
      I head to Hungry Jacks and order a Bacon Double Cheeseburger Deluxe (or two if they have those vouchers out :) ) and a cutlery set.
      Open it up and eat with a knife and fork (not the bun of course!)
      A few strange looks (mostly from my boyfriend) but it's yum! :D

      If you do that make sure to order it 'Minus Mayo & Minus Ketchup'. Because the sauces have lots of sugar added.

      You have to say Minus Ketchup, because when you say 'No Tomato Sauce' the cashier has a blank look - like you are speaking a foreign language.

      All their computers say Ketchup.

      A fine example of American Cultural Imperialism if I have ever seen it!
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      nothing to do with hamburgers or any big name food places BUT when I recently tried to order a lamb roast roll without the roll, the sales assistant looked like she had the hardest HSC question of her life! Took me forever to explain I only wanted the amount of meat that goes on a roll on a plate instead! I didn't want to waste a roll, was trying to do them a favour! Finally when I got through to her guess what? the roll plus meat would have cost $5.90 but I had to pay $6.20!!!! go figure!!! and it wasn't for the plate as the roll comes on a plate too!
    • Re: Eating out Low Carb Style!

      Incidentally I did ask for the boss but not for an explanation of the extra charge! I simply told the boss that I was trying to save her a bread roll she could sell later rather than me throwing it in the bin and I told her that she should become a rather low carbing friendly service as her place had the only potential in the whole place of being low carb friendly and that many of my low carb friends would not custom her outlet unless she had a change of attitude. It's a roast place, dinners and rolls etc. Would be so easy for her to be low carb friendly.
    • Re: Eating out Low Carb Style!

      You should have said fine put it on the roll then and after returned the plate to the counter with the roll on it :D

      What did the lady say about your suggestions with being low carb friendly?
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    • Re: Eating out Low Carb Style!

      I have a similar problem..where I go for lunch sometimes when I am away..I order a bacon and egg in toast..with that they give you some lettuce, cucumber and a bit of tomato on the side...

      I tried ordering it withour the toast and would get a blank look..I explained I wasn't going to eat the toast so they may as well give me the bacon and egg on the plate..the same amount as in the sandwich..well after getting charged much more I decided to just order as is and leave the toast on the plate...
      You don't stop laughing because you grow old,
      You grow old because you stop laughing.
    • Re: Eating out Low Carb Style!

      We went away for the long weekend here in Melbourne.

      At the country town where we stayed there wasn't much to choose from in the way of eating out so the place we stayed had a bistro where we ate.

      Anyhow I got porterhouse and hubby a mixed grill. I was asked with salad or vegies, I said vegies but no potato please, she said oh you want chips then, I said no thanks, no potato or chips for both meals - she looked at me with a confused face and said "...that's so strange, no one has ever asked me for that before", lol. So got that, anyhow ended up eating there again the next night as well and both had the same, although when she asked me what sauce I wanted, the night before I had mushroom sauce on my steak and it was full of gravy and I couldn't eat it, so this time when she asked me I said could I have just sauted mushrooms instead of the mushroom sauce with gravy - again I sent the kitchen into a spin, then when she asked for salad or vegies I started to say vegies again with both and no ..... she stopped me, she said oh that's right - no potato or chips - you are very strange :eek:

      As well - for lunch the only thing we could have at a cafe was the all day breakfast, some bacon and eggs, well in one place it came out with the toast and she dropped a piece on her way out - she said I will get some more, I'm like ahhh no don't bother its fine, so a min or two later she came out with a plate with more toast, lol - we left the table with about 6 pieces of toast on it - we were not going to eat it, but she wouldn't listen.

      Sometimes easier not to bother asking not to put it on the plate as it makes it so hard :(
    • Re: Eating out Low Carb Style!

      Thank goodness it's not just me that has this problem....
      The other day I went to a Chinese takeaway that had a lunch special (meat dish and rice/noodles) for $7.... I asked for one with no rice/noodles.... well here we go.......:rolleyes:
      Shop: "That's against our policy, Just meat will be $12"
      Me: "Just put the same amount of meat and leave a space where the rice would of been and charge me $7"
      Shop:"That's against our policy"
      This went back and forth... with me getting quite annoyed until finally...
      Me: "Ok just put the rice with it, but it'll just be wasted"
      Shop:"Would you like steamed or fried rice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
      :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:
    • Re: Eating out Low Carb Style!

      Lol they are probably too scared they will put too much meat there by not putting the rice on the plate OR they are scared you will see just how scabby they are with the meat because theres no hiding it when there is no rice!!!

      I hope you chose the fried rice seeing it would cost them more lol
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    • Re: Eating out Low Carb Style!

      i went out last night but think i was pretty good - so hard with the 'hidden' ingredients to know what you are eating
      went for the salad, caluliflower cheese (minimal sauce) olives and steak
      was quite nice but it did come with a garlic cream sauce - so hoping it wasnt thickened with cornflour
      tor just said he thinks they put sugar in it :(
    • Re: Eating out Low Carb Style!

      The "Last Drop" where we go for lunch in Rockingham is pretty good..They have "wicked chicken" which is char grilled chicken with bacon, avacado and salad, served with beer battered chips and crusty bread toasted..

      We always (or nearly always Ha-Ha!!) order it without the chips, and bread, and with extra salad..It still costs the same..Yummy too!!!
      You don't stop laughing because you grow old,
      You grow old because you stop laughing.
    • Re: Eating out Low Carb Style!

      I find that calling restaurants ahead is a good idea.

      I can now go out and have lovely Chinese by asking them to make me steamed greens with chicken cooked in broth, with some of their fresh chillis as well as a lovely tofu and veggie (extra bean sprouts!) soup. So satisfying and I leave the restaurant feeling great, unlike my boyfriend, peers and family.

      Italian can be done. I have straciatelle to start, salad and antipasto, and veal in olive and tomato sauce. I just tell them I can't have sugar and wheat so by calling ahead they can accommodate non floured, sugar free meat in sauce!

      Fishmongers at Bondi Beach (and Byron Bay) is great. I just get their grilled fish with double basil pesto (it's literally just ground basil) and salad, hold the kumara chips.

      La Shish and Fatimas are great Lebanese places which can easily accommodate low carb. I just eat grilled chicken with garlic sauce, beef kofta, and eat the dips with veggies and pickles. I ask for tabbouleh without the cracked wheat and I am all set! They also make a great non floured, non breaded deep fried eggplant that is HEAVEN!