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    • Low Carb Cooking Glossary

      Going to run a thread here which I will link in the glossary page. This thread is purely for ideas which I can add to the glossary as we find them.

      This is what I have so far:

      aragula = rocket
      bakers chocolate = unsweetened chocolate
      bell pepper = capsicum
      butternut squash = pumpkin (butternut)
      cantaloupe = rockmelon
      chard = spinach beet
      cilantro = coriander
      collard greens = watercress
      cookies = biscuits
      cornstarch = cornflour
      courgette = zucchini
      diet jello = diet jelly
      diet pudding = diet mousse
      eggplant = aubergine
      escarole = batavian endive
      frisee = baby curley endive
      fine shredded coconut = desiccated coconut
      ketsup = tomato sauce
      mache = lamb's lettuce?
      mangetout = snowpea
      napkins = serviettes
      papaya = pawpaw
      Romaine lettuce = Cos lettuce
      unflavoured gelatine = gelatine
      Vital wheat gluten = gluten flour
      wax paper = greaseproof paper
      white vegetable shortening = copha
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      Let me know if you think of anything else handy from the site to put here.