Just wanted to introduce myself

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    • Just wanted to introduce myself

      Im a Newbee to this site and just wanted to say Hi.
      I have used LC diets to lose weight before and have decided that I want to make it my WOL not only to lose weight initially but just simply because I honestly feel healthier, nore energetic and seem to sleep better when I limit my carb and sugar intake. Anyway, hello everyone!:o
    • Re: Just wanted to introduce myself

      Thanks Sherrie
      Im doing the Atkins induction which I started 3 days ago. I will probably use Atkins as my base program mostly because its the one most familiar to me. Having said that, I have browsed through the recipies on ur site and there is some really great ideas and stuff there so once I get off induction and have re-introduced other foods (once ive stabilized) i will be very eager to try a lot of these recipies out. I am not going overboard with the exercise at the moment caue of my back injury. Im due for surgery in June 07 and until then im walking about 1/2 hour day, 3-4 days week and trying to do at least 8000 steps a day using my pedometer as a counter. I also have stretching exercises from physio which i try and do everyday and a few of my own to try and strengthen my back and tummy muscles. Hopefully this will be an adequate amount of exercise for the next few months while I try and get most of my weight off as if i try to push too much more in my back starts screaming. I weighed 85kg on Tuesday morning when I did my official weigh in to start induction. My goal weight is 65kg. I have a lot of faith in myself right now, but sometimes its hard to keep that faith when a lot of things go wrong in ur life. I thought if i joined ur sit it would help to keep me focused and allow me to talk to people doing the same stuff as me as well as allowing me to share my experiences and gain knowledge from others who have been living this way longer.
    • Re: Just wanted to introduce myself

      Hey Rosie :)

      Sounds like you have a good plan, I think you will do well.

      One of the best things about Atkins is you don't need to bust your guts out on the exercise in order to get results. Go at your own pace and as the weight drops off your back should improve and then your exercise will too. But you already know that!

      I guess because this is my site now I am biased lol ;) but yes it does help. These guys have been keeping me strong for over 5 years now, it really does help. Another thing is none of my friends or family really understand this diet except maybe my other half so for me it is good having people to talk to about this that understand. In fact, I probably talk to these guys more about my probs then I do anyone else LOL I guess thats the beauty of the internet as you don't have to chat face to face, isn't it!

      Anyway Welcome Rosie, feel free to start a diary!
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      Let me know if you think of anything else handy from the site to put here.