yet another variation on low carb?

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    • yet another variation on low carb?

      Came across this story, since my mum saw a story on Today Tonight and wanted me to research it. Does this sound like a slightly modified Atkins diet? Would you suggest that most of the benefit comes not from the creams, but from the diet, which has a diuretic effect and therefore gets rid of some of the "sagging" which occurs from holding too much fluid?

      It seems that everyone is coming out with their own version of the low carb diet.
    • Doesn't it annoy you when people mock something, and then covertly start using it, just under another name? I know a couple of doctors who have told patients (not me, but people I know) that the Atkins diet is dangerous, yet they have then gone on to suggest that they follow what is effectively an Atkins diet!

      Many doctors are now telling people to cut back on refined carbs, and to limit complex carbs, but mention the word Atkins, and they get defensive.
    • Oh yeah that's where I saw it too

      There was a sample diet plan in Who and as Becca says there was HEAPs of salmon in it.... now there's a good reason for this because the body converts the EFA's from fatty fish more readily than other non marine based.... but I have also heard of people who react badly to so much seafood... too hard to judge without reading the book :) Oh and his wife was quoted as saying she still eats pasta! hehehe
    • I was flicking through the foxtel channels late last night and came across the shopping channel.I heard the words carb addiction and it caught my attention.
      There was a canadian lady named Cathi Grahams in Australia and she was pushing her fresh start metabolism programme.
      She was very motivated and there was no shutting her up,I guess that's the difference in an article on a subject where the bits are cut out of an interview and a paid advertisment like this would have been.
      She was selling a video called carb clean out,some motivation tapes on emotional eating and cravings etc., and there was a recipe book and what she kept referring to as her manual or her bible. This manual listed eating out places and what you can eat when dining out,she mentioned essential fats and eating rich,but she didn't actually say that after breaking the carb addiction that takes 4-7 days that it would be a low carb way of eating.She herself had lost over 86kg's.