New to the low carb diet

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    • New to the low carb diet

      I am new to the low carb diet. I have tried it once before but got disappointed with the results so went off it and put more weight on. My query is the exercise. I have just been reading on the site about people and exercise and how many carbs they should eat and what kind of exercise is best. When I'm doing the low carbs diet, what exercise is best for me? I work ever day and I'm on my feet all day and always moving, but not strenuously. I'm always too tired when I get home from work, I have things to do and by the time I get any time to myself I'm too tired or can't be bothered to exercise. I would appreciate your comments.

      Thanks Rose
    • Welcome to the Forums :)

      Generally Jesper and Rossanna like us all to walk briskly for 1 hr a day and try and do some weights 3 times per week, but not everyones the same.
      Maybe you could incorporate the brisk walk by parking you car 30mins walking distance away from your work and get your hour in that way.

      It's also good to do some resistance training to help with maintaining your muscle. You could grab a cpl of hand weights and try and do a full workout at home on the weekends.

      I'm no expert though, just some ideas.

      Good Luck!
    • There is different stages of the low carb WOE and you need to know that heavy weights and exercise is not good in the first couple of weeks.As you advance in your diet it changes.

      Perhaps Jesper or Rosanna could have a thread that gives the basics of the stages re exercise without stating individual requirements etc., as required in the fatlocity plan..;)
      I know we all have different needs but a starting point for the beginners would save a lot of confusion when reading about weight,crunches etc.,;)
    • Just letting you know ...

      That I've read the post and am thinking about a response.... I think Sheree's suggestion about parking the car 30 minutes away from work is a bloody good one! So for now, just start with a brisk walk :)
      And thanks Moonstruck :) will work on incorporating that.
    • Hi Jesper,

      I'm a support worker and I drive from place to place mostly all day. It's not physical work, just that I'm on my feet all day. I couldn't park the car 3o mins from where I work otherwise I wouldn't get any work done! But I've decided that I'm going to get some walking done sometime even if it's only the weekend. Now the weather is getting warmer I shall be doing some water aerobics once a week with work so that will help.
      Why is it that one week I weigh myself and I've lost two kgs, and then the next week I seem to have put it back on? Even though I still feel I've lost weight, this is a bit off putting and it happened last time I was on the diet, which is probably why I quit.

      Thanks Rose:confused:
    • Yeah the water weight on/off bit really pees me off (so to speak) ... :D

      Rose, have you considered getting your walking in early in the morning? I find it difficult to find time to exercise after work, so I had to bite the bullet and do it in the morning. I get up at 5am four mornings a week and walk with a friend from 5.15 to 6.05, and then I go to the gym for a 'half workout' with weights. I'm in the shower by 6.50 and ready to leave for work by 7.40. I also try to do at least 1 hour of walking and a full workout with weights on the weekend. It sounds really structured, I know - and it is, I had to some serious schedule assessment and work out a way to fit it in somehow.

      Getting up at 5 just about kills me (why oh WHY did I go to bed late last night? is usually what I'm asking myself) but once I'm out of bed and have brushed my teeth I feel slightly human ... and almost entirely human by the time I've had my walk. It helps A LOT to have a walking buddy - someone to answer to if you can't quite face getting out of bed - and it's a really great way to start the day ... AND during the day when you think "Gee I must get some exercise after work," you can tell yourself "Hang on, I already did it this morning"!!

    • MissBecca - 5am in the morning, 4 times a week????????????????!?!?!?!?!?!?! Your amazing. That's more than just dedication. I would be still wrapped up in my duvet dreaming about excuses I can make to turn up late for work!

      Rose, I too work long hours, always on my feet and I struggle to find time for myself and exercise. What works for me is to set aside time after work to relax, even if it's just 30mins of sitting still doing nothing, it will help you feel like you have officially finish work. Don't answer the phone, don't think about grocery shopping, paying bills etc. Just have Rose break. Then you'll feel more motivated to WANT to exercise because you WANT to lose weight and look and feel fabulous.

      I think exercise is all about a lifestyle change, as Sheree suggested you could get into the routine by doing a bit of hand weights at home. Especially with summer coming up you could do lots of walks. My tip is to do it with a friend therefore you can't cancel at the last minute because you feel too tired or couldn't be bothered.
    • Hello all,
      I sent a nice long post but I think somehow it's got lost and I can't remember what I was asking. I will try and remember.
      I have only just obtained my ketostix, last night I tested and it was trace. This morning I tested after breakfast, one cup of tea and a bottle of water and it was moderate. What is the best level to be in?
      I think I was telling you that I have to have one cup of tea in the morning because I can't start the day without my cup of tea. I changed from skimmed milk to full cream, I really can't drink black tea. I usually have around 5 decaf coffees with cream in a week. Breakfast is bacon and egg, scrambled egg, or boiled egg. Lunch is usually fish or meat usually no carbs, but when I can I try and have a bit of salad. Dinner is usually meat and salad or vegies. What do you think of my eating plan?
      In the Atkins book his carbohydrate counter is different to the one I bought from a bookshop. Which one is right? Also what about the american cup measures, are they the same as Australian cup measures?
      With my salad I usually have sour cream, olive oil and vinegar and flax seed oil mixed with dijon mustard and apple cider vinegar. Someone said to eats lots of vegies, when they say lots, what do they mean? Cupwise that is. I have no problem eating fat on meat as I love it, is this alright? or do I have to restrict my intake of animal fat? I think that's about all for this time, hope you get this one.:confused:
    • Howdy

      Heres a thread on ketosis:
      *gone, try our ketosis section*

      Don't worry about it too much, basically as long as you get a pink/purple colour no matter what shade your doing fine. It's more a tool for checking your reactions to food your not sure off.

      I hate cream in my coffee too, I use asmall amount of low fat lactose free milk in my coffee and cereal.

      It looks fine you just need to find the right amounts for you. Don't forget to use to record and count what your eating. I'm not quite sure on measures. I try and use australian recipes and nutritional information when ever I can. for nutritional info.

      Basically you want to eat as many vegies as you can fit into your 20g carb allowance. Broccoli is very low so thats a good vegie to start with. For steamed vegies I usually just steam up some broccoli, beans and cabbage and stir in some butter and seasoning.

      Remember don't cook with the omega fats, best to use coconut oil, olive oil or butter.
    • I have been reading the Atkins web site and I am confused.
      He says "You don't have to remove skikn and fat from meat or fowl" and "Doing a low fat version of Atkins will interfere with fat burning and derail your weight loss". So you have to eat some fat?

      He also says that the darker the colour on the ketosis, the more fat you are burning.

      I know you've told me not to worry about the colour of the strip as long as I'm in ketosis, but I'm not losing weight now and I am thinking maybe the colour should be darker?

      what do you think?
    • Rose

      You might want to start a diary and put down how your diet is has been going to date (history and how it is now), what your stats are, exercise and what your eating. Hopefully then we might be able to pick through and find whats causing you problems

      Yes you definately want to have fat in your diet, to optimise it you want to aim more for the good fats rather then the saturated.
      With the ketosis, this is what it says in their faq on ketosis:


      What shade of purple should my lipolysis testing strips be? Will they show different levels at different times of day?
      Because every person's metabolism is different, the sticks turn different shades of purple or pink for different people. And, yes, results vary depending upon the time of the day, whether or not you exercise and what you last ate. It doesn’t matter whether your strips turn a dark or light color. Some people never even get into ketosis, but still lose weight easily. So don’t worry about the exact level of ketosis shown on your test strips; what is more important is how your clothes are fitting, what the scale says and how you feel.

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