Spring lamb Recipes

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    • Re: Spring lamb Recipes

      Lamb and mushroom stroganoff

      Recipe adapted from The Power of Protein, Low Carb Recipes by Chris Smith

      Makes 2 serves, 4g carbs each

      oil, butter
      lamb, cubed (I used backstraps but chops will do just as well)
      250g fresh mushrooms, sliced
      2 tbsp green onions, sliced
      2 garlic cloves, crushed
      150ml sour cream
      fresh parsley

      Heat the oil and butter in a large frying pan and brown lamb. Add mushrooms and garlic, stirring them until they are softened and just cooked. Add the spring onions and cook for another 1 min. Season with salt and pepper to taste. Slowly stir in sour cream and heat mixture. If using full fat sour cream you may need to add a splash of water as the cream may be too thick. Just before serving, stir in chopped parsley. Enjoy!
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      Sherrie wrote:

      Slow Roasted Greek Lemon Lamb with Potatoes.....

      I used to do a gorgeous Greek lamb dish slow cooked for 3 hours in the oven... it was inspired by a Greek dish we had when we were in Greece... as soon as we came home I made it and then I made it on and off for a couple of years but when I started on low fat dieting a few years ago (i can't believe I did low fat for years) I stopped making it. It does have potatoes in but you can limit them because it has other stuff in... I could guess at it now but I'll find my recipe book when I'm home tonight and copy it out exactly.....
    • Lamb Kleftiko (Slow cooked Greek Lamb)

      OK here is the recipe I mentioned above - finally got to my old recipe book.

      Lamb Kleftiko (Slow cooked Greek Lamb)

      You'll need a really large roasting dish for this.

      8 small-medium lamb chops (or anything really, my recipe was originally for a leg joint)
      4 medium tomatoes (or any size or number you want really) chunked into quarters
      2 large corguettes/zucchinis (or any size or number you want really) - sliced into thick rounds
      2 large potatoes - chunked into roastie size (more or less if you aren't/are bothered by the carbs)
      3 large onions - chunked (or handful of shallots if you are watching the carbs)
      2 large green peppers - chunked (or any size or number you want really)
      2 x 200g packs of feta cheese - the stronger, the better.
      half a head of garlic, peeld and chopped finely (or more or less, as you want)
      2tbsp olive oil
      juice of 1 lemon
      salt and black pepper
      1tbsp cumin powder (or if you like it a little more)
      2tbsp dried parsley
      1tbsp dried oregano
      2tbsp dried rosemary (fresh herbs always improve it but fresh sprigs of rosemary are particularly fragrant, although messy in the final dish as the bits come off during slow cooked)

      1)Chuck all the vegetables and garlic and meat into the roasting pan, layering with the herbs and salt and pepper.
      2)Cut the 200g block of feta into halves or quarters and carefully place each piece a the bottom in the corners so that it can be cooked undisturbed since this is the most fragile part.
      3)Pour the lemon juice and olive oil all over and shake the cumin where you want it (I tend to concentrate the cumin on the meat and potatoes in particular because the flavour is lovely).
      4)Completely cover the roasting dish with foil and bake on a medium oven for 3 hours. It may be done in 2 if your quantity is smaller and/or you've chopped it small - I tend to think the chunkier the better. It also depends what kind of potatoes you have and whether they cook easily or not, you need to check it after 2 hours and if the potatoes are becoming too soft then it is ready.

      This is a ton of food. Easily feeds 4+ (2 chops each, or would feed more if you did a leg of lamb instead) - and you don't need to serve it with anything else (for carbivores a bit or rice and/or some bread would do the trick to soak up the juice).

      I used to put this in in the afternoon when friends/family would be coming over for the evening meal. We'd have taramasalata and celery/bread as a starter... by the end of the meal everyone would be so full that no desert was needed.
    • Re: Spring lamb Recipes

      That looks very similar to this but a little bigger: TAVA (Cypriot Baked Lamb With Cumin & Tomatoes)

      What I do is replace the potato with pumpkin, goes really well with it :)
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