Help please! busted my knees

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    • Help please! busted my knees

      I've done my knee in somehow, it hurts when i walk up/down stairs and if i put too much pressure on the bad leg. As usual it takes time to heal. Haven't been very lucky this year, busted my back for 2 months earlier in the year and could hardly walk. I was lying on the office floor giving IT support, my motto was "you come and see me" not I'll go see you :)

      So, can anyone recommend a low impact exercise plan for me please?

      p.s I can't swim but can float. Don't laugh!
    • Definitely go and see a doctor. Dont wait for it to get better on its own... my mother works for a very prominent knee surgeon, and the stories I have heard makes me VERY VERY grateful I dont have knee problems.

      I would also highly recommend getting one of those elastic knee supports. They work wonders just by giving your knee that little added support.

      Something like slow cycling on a stationary exercise bike can be good simply as it keeps your knee moving without any impact that can further damage.

      Depends as to whether its a "twinge" or a major injury as to what you should do...

      In weight loss I believe diet is 80% of the journey so dont be too discouraged if you cant exercise for a little while.

      The more weight you lose the better for your knees anyway of course...
    • No lunges and squats for you young lady!

      You probably already know this but just incase, I've given my knee a twinge when not doing a squat properly.
      When you do squats you need to make sure your knees don't go past your toes and you bum don't go past your knees.

      What Angus suggested is probably the only thing you should do while its sore. Make sure you see someone as you don't want to keep hurting your knee when you exercise!

      Hope it's not too bad
    • Do not exercise anymore until you see someone.... if you do then you fall into the category of "Desperate" which is very different from "Motivated".

      Dunno how a doctor will help but a physio or perhaps osteo is definitely the go. Make the appointment now and don't delay... understand what caused the problem and ensure you get instructions on how to rehabilitate it and avoid it.
    • Thanks y'all for the advice. Went to see a doc and looks like i have pull/strained some muscles, how i dont know since i have not exercised for 2 weeks. He also said i am flat footed (can you believe I never noticed!?!?!?!), my feet roll outwards (true!) and i have "cross eyed" knees (true!) therefore putting more pressure on my knees! I feel so crookered !!!!

      Very depressing and distressing news. :( :( :(
    • I can honestly say 'I feel your pain'
      A few years ago in my Tae Kwon Do days, i received a kick to the front of my knee (while my leg was straight) - resulting in my knee bending.....backwards.

      To cut a long story short..
      I have been slack in getting it attended to, I tried accupuncture, i have gotten good results from accupunture for various ailments - but this was not the case, but after visiting a Sports Surgeon, it turns out I have a torn meniscus (cartilidge), with strained posterior cruxiet and co-latteral ligament, with fluid on the knee due to injury not healing properly.

      I was taken aback when the surgeon said he would not operate unless i had 3 months intensive physio (i thought surgeons couldn't wait to cut you open - i was wrong)

      Well, after all the physio, i am still in pain, with a better range of movement, though. The physio does help - this included various (boring) exercises at home, and using a number of Pilates machines to isolate specific muscles, massage, electro-massage therapy, orthotics for my shoes (i am flat-footed as well - about as flat-footed as a duck my wife says), and various braces and strapping techniques.

      I keep putting off the idea of surgery - but the physio treatment has reduced the overall pain, and made the pain easier to pin-point for my next trip the surgeon

      I do recommend getting treatment.

      Even without surgery, i'm back into traing in martial arts (NOT Tae Kwon Do!!! - but Aikido, which requires spending time on the mat in kneeling postures - and i get seem to get through the class OK)

      Good Luck!!
    • Re: Help please! busted my knees

      I have been going through all the posts by doing a search for the old domain pictureofhealth (except the diaries) and either changing the urls to the correct one or when that doesn't work deleting them and sometimes popping in new ones if I can tell what they are trying to link to and an alternative one comes to mind at the time. Unfortunately a lot of the linked threads were ones that the hacker deleted many many years ago.

      But anyway doing that reminded me of lots of old discussions :)