Morning Hunger

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    • Morning Hunger

      I've just finished my second week and doing pretty well with regards to cravings and hunger up to now. No headaches, tiredness etc. Finding following the plan easy. But the last couple of days I have been really hungry in the morning. I was only having 1/3 cup cereal with flax and cream, but today upt it to 1/2 as on my plan. Still hungry in am. Can't work out why. After lunch things settle down.

      I have breakfast at 7.15am, m'tea at about 10.15, lunch at about 1.00. M'tea is usually a muffin, lunch is a salad usually with chicken.

      Supplements: Chromium, Vit C, Calcium, Durathon.

      Weigh in not until Sat.

      Coming to Sydney for a conference next Thurs. That will present a challenge. All those mouldy white bread sandwiches and dried out fruit plates for lunch. I'm having a think about how to prepare. At least I know I'll be getting some exercise pounding the pavement for retail therapy. Oh to visit a real department store again.....D.J's here I come.

    • I have just got through a stage of always feeling hungry. Two things have changed this week and the hunger went away. I started walking an hour each morning and TOM arrived. (Time Of Month).

      I tried to satisfy my hunger whilst still avoiding sugar and caffiene and watching my carbs. Still in pink and hunger has eased. (Little snacks often, cheese, protien drinks, held back half the meat from lunch and had as a snack later etc.)

      Hope this helps, hang in there!!:)
    • Jesper, I've always had one cuppa in the morning, so that's not different. Any chance of picking up some supplies while I am in Sydney. If so how?

      Sheree, don't get TOM as on Depo, lucky me, and no bloating or PMS, although my boyfriend thinks I have it all the time.

      I'll try to space out things a little more while keeping in carbs level. Do the protein shakes taste ok in water. The others I've had have been foul.

    • We are located in Newtowm, a few km's from the city centre. Our address is Workshop 2/1A Little Commodore Street, Newtown. Just give us a ring on (02) 9557 2166 to ensure that we are here (we spend a lot of time eating and training :D)!
    • Hi Makeely & Kegs

      I have both mixes and love both. My problem before finding this site was breaky, I hate eggs. Kack. Fortunately I love the cereal, and muffins are a lot better snacl than Dim Sims! I might pick up the shake and other things when I'm in Sydney.

    • Essie
      You're meant to have a large serve anyway! (what were you doing having less???? You must eat the required calories each day!!)

      If you don't feel hungry in the afternoon try shifting a bit of your afternoon snack or lunch into brekky... eg if you have two muffins planned for the afternoon and you think you could do with one, then have the other with brekky.

      Within each day you can shift things around. I wonder if having a bit more protein in the morning would help... what do you think?