Ketosis Question - prob very silly

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    • Ketosis Question - prob very silly

      Hi everyone,

      My internet's been out so you've had a few days of piece and quiet with no questions from me!

      Today's question is.... and this might just be a basic one but I have to ask it...

      Is the idea of the 2 week induction to be in ketosis?

      Do you have to be in ketosis for a while for things to start happening long term??

      Reason I ask is because i just finished my 2 week induction but I had a bit of a blow out on the weekend. I had a bad run in with my mother and drank my sorrow's away with a few too many vodka and soda waters. The next morning I was obviously out of ketosis and haven't been back in since Saturday but I have been fairly good since then. Have had a few coffee's the next morning mind you so that wouldn't help.

      Is it probably worth me doing another week or two of induction?
      I'm also going on holidays to Qld this weekend so I think I might just stay low-carb as opposed to 'induction' as I won't really be able to calculate gms properly anyway. And then start on induction when I get back home again? Would that be a wise idea???

      Thanks heaps.
    • Re: Ketosis Question - prob very silly

      Its pretty much just to help alleviate the cravings as well as to give your body time to switch over to a fat burning one.

      Just stay low carb for now if you wish, and see how you go.
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      Let me know if you think of anything else handy from the site to put here.