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    • Is there anyone here that belongs to one of the Curves Gym for Women? :) My present Gym membership is about to run out & I'm looking for a less expensive option that is a bit closer & the local Curves looks to be quite good. Each session only takes 1/2 hour so I wonder if that is enough to keep one fit -3 or 4 times a week that is. I've made an appointment for Friday to go & have a look but just wondered if anyone here has been going to Curves for a while ;)
    • Re: Curves?

      Hey Slimgran, Bron (Doingit) and Fern? go to Curves I believe, they were just talking about it the other day in one of the diaries, plus a couple of others go to Contours.
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      Let me know if you think of anything else handy from the site to put here.
    • Re: Curves?

      I am comparing gyms at the moment because I need to do something more than just the little bit of walking I'm currently doing.

      The front-runner is my local YMCA, but it's not 100% what I need it to be. I've heard good things about Curves in general, so I've tried to get in touch with my local Curves - have sent an email and have left a voice mail message hoping someone will get back to me. All I want to know from them is 1) what is their monthly fee, 2) what are their opening hours and 3) do they offer a child minding service.

      They have a completely useless website that doesn't give this information. Just a phone number and a form to send email to!

      Apparently getting back to me is too much hassle. Guess they don't want my business. :mad:
    • Re: Curves?

      I had a free two week pass to Curves to check it out, so not sure how much it costs. I am not sure if they all have the same hours - the one I went to was closed Saturday afternoon, Sundays, and closed mid morning and mid afternoon during the week (I can't recall the exact times). It had no child minding, no lockers, one shower, toilet outside of the gym itself.

      I quite liked the ease of it, but I don't think it's for me for two main reasons:
      1. I have a bit of a dodgy back, and the necessity to do everything fast in order to get more resistance makes it hard to keep good form
      2. You have to stay quite self motivated. You can easily NOT work hard, and there is no objective measure of this (eg weight lifted, number of reps) unless you can keep track of it - Bron's gym helped with this, but mine didn't

      It's better than nothing, and the setup means that you can go and switch your brain off and just work (no mucking about with complicated machinery etc).
    • Re: Curves?

      The local Curves that I have the appointment with on Friday definitely doesn't have child minding I know- also they aren't open at all during the weekends. During the week they are open from 8.30am till 12.30 & 2.30 till 7.30. I don't know about how much it costs- will find out more on Friday I guess! :)

      Sookie why don't you just give them a ring & make an appointment - then you can see what is offered?- they are probably all a bit different. ;)
    • Re: Curves?

      Personally, rather then just risk injuring myself from trying to fatigue the crap out of my muscles through overuse - if you want a gym, I would go for one that uses real equipment where you can add resistance, preferably through weights. Not only will you build strength and a little muscle but you will also build bone mass which is very important for us women.
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      Let me know if you think of anything else handy from the site to put here.
    • Re: Curves?

      Oh yes, I know what you mean.:) I have been a member of Fernwood for the last 4 years & have got myself reasonably fit- I've just got sick of it I suppose, & also it really is a bit expensive for me -even without the extras like personal training! By the time I drive there, do 30 mins cardio plus my program, it takes nearly 2 hours. I'm looking for something that takes less time & less money lol- I don't think I have the will power to keep at it by myself at home. I'll see how it looks on Friday anyway. By the way my Fernwood doesn't have child care either- & it's also a women's Gym! ;) Probably costs them too much.
    • Re: Curves?

      Curves works on resistance weights and is supposed to be excellent for bone density. Ours does not have shower or child minding and is open from 7.30am - 12 noon and 4 - 7.30 Saturday 7.30 - 10am. The basic monthly fee is $50 if you pay for a full year, you are able to pay monthly but they want direct transfer from your account and I think that is $59 pm. I go 3-4 times a week but I do an additional circuit. Not all clubs have the same equipment. Some with more you do 2 circuits but ours is 3 circuits (I do 4) and that makes a big difference. The music beat is the stimulator to work - if it is salsa tracks we all speed up. Their advertising, web site etc suck. It after all an American corporation. That said I just Love it.
      Except that I pulled something in my but a few weeks ago (same as Cazza) and I confirmed it this morning which machine did it so Have to me more aware of doing things right!!!
      It really is the most workable exercist. I also walk as much as I can.
      I HATE HATE HATE the gym situation with all the buffed bods. Here wer just wear loose pants tshirts and joggers and no one is trying to be a fashion plate.
      Bron Doingit
      Now to maintain.....hard work! :D
    • Re: Curves?


      OK I have been to Curves, liked what I saw & have joined- $59 direct debit! :D This is a lot less than I have been paying. There are 12 mahcines there plus the pads in between & they said I should do the circuit 2X's followed by the stretches -at least 3 X's a week. They weighed & measured me :eek: & will do that again in 1 month- so I hope to make a difference!

      I will be able to drive there, do the workout & drive home again within the hour which will mean I can go a lot more often! ;)
    • Re: Curves?

      Well it is really a 12 month membership by direct debit (monthly) but if I want to stop for any reason during this time, there is a buy out fee. If one is ill or injured, then the payment can be stopped for the duration with a medical certificate, & if one is travelling interstate (or overseas) one can go to the nearest Curves with a "travel pass" while away.

      Can't wait to get started! I will be taken around the circuit on Tuesday morning! ;)
    • Re: Curves?

      Hi Slimgran,

      I've tried calling my local Curves several times now and only get an answering machine! A human never ever answers. I have left messages and no-one has got back to me - same when I have sent them an email. I think that's pretty lousy customer service. I don't think I should have to chase THEM to possibly give them my business, so I think they'll end up missing out.

      When I was a member of Fernwood years ago, the one I went to had child-minding. I never used it because I didn't have kids then! I assumed it would be pretty common in women's only gyms. Hell if my local YMCA has it - which is for men AND women - I thought that it would be pretty standard accross the board! I clearly have a lot to learn about the world of gym membership!