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      Hi everyone kaz and Lil and KGB give yourself some space, I've been there where I've been so overwhelmed by always thinking of which diet to do and surfing the web trying to find the quickest and easiest method and all the time I'm still putting all those sugary and a carby foods in my mouth and feeling more and more miserable about it everyday...why don't you just stick to the principal of any LC diet which is stay away from the carbs and sugars and at least that way you know your not isn't going through all those yoyoing drama's which slows your metabolism down even further...
      Gosh i hope I explained my self properely....
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      I just went on the Atkins site to look at what else I can do for breakfast and found this two week day by day mealplan. I won't be following it as it includes many "Atkins" protein powders and rubbish, but there are some very interesting things you can do with eggs and protein and this has given me some nifty ideas.…tion/TwoWeekMealPlan.aspx
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      Hi My darlings,
      I hope every one has been well and had a brilliant end to 2008 and a fantastic start to 2009. I have adjusted my tickers and am going to start my 3 day detox today....bloooody ell'''' This is the part I hate.
      Anyway I'll log on tonight to let you know how poorly I'm fairing.

      "Paradise is in the mind!":p
      "And laughter is the opiate of the soul":D
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      Hi Everyone!

      Just thought I would post as promised my progress on BT. I am one week down and weighed myself this morning and I have lost a total of 4.4kgs which I am stoked with.

      Had my first FREE day and that was interesting as I found I did not want to cheat and for the first time EVER I think I only had one glass of bubbly at a party :eek: I did follow that up with a 1/2 Boost bar when I got home though!

      Pretty happy so far and I am still finding it pretty easy to follow and of all the diets I have done in the past this is the only one where I have not been like a ravenous dog!
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      That is fantastic newlife, how much have you got to lose? I would have loved to try BTrim but I am breastfeeding my 2.5 month old daughter and have been told I can't do it. Unlike many others breastfeeding does not help me lose weight. I hate being fat in summer, today is going to be 38 in Melbourne and I am going to the shopping centre instead of the being fat is such a prison. This will be the last summer I spend misrable because of my weight this next year is dedicated to getting fit and skinny.

      Can you please tell me what you have on a typical day how much protein is recommended for meals and snacks? I know that vegies are unlimited and you can only have 1 carb at breakfast.

      Keep us updated with your results.

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      Hi KGB,

      I have 18 kgs to lose in total so 13 1/2 to go. Definitely better to wait since you are breast feeding - but just think how motivated you will be once you can start. You will do really well I am sure! In the meantime there are parts of this and any other LC that you can implement. I am sure that it is not bad for BF mothers to eat lots of vegetables and salad, lean protein, low fat milk & cheese with some wholegrain as well without all the horrible white flour & sugar - I am sure there are plenty of people here who would have lots of advice and of course support for you.

      Typical Day I have the following

      1 Piece of low GI wholemeal/wholegrain toast with 75g of ham/turkey/chicken with sliced tomato and a slice of lite cheese.

      Snack - a boiled egg

      Lunch a tin of tuna (flavoured or not) with a really large salad and some yummy dressing ( I use Paul Newmans original one)

      Snack - 100g of whatever protein portion I have in the fridge pre-made & measured

      Dinner - stir fry or protein and salad. Tonight it will be fish!

      Snack - boiled egg or a protein shake


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      Fat is important when breastfeeding, don't think you have to eat low fat during this time. Both fat and cholesterol is important for bubs.
      Low Carb in a Nutshell ~ Carb Counts ~ Research ~ Measurements/Conversions ~ Glossary

      Let me know if you think of anything else handy from the site to put here.
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      Hi Newlife,

      Sherrie is spot on. Breastmilk contains loads of cholesterol because that is what your baby needs for brain development. If you cut out your fat intake too much, your body will start taking it from you to produce milk. While that may seem like a good idea (and is the reason why many breastfeeding women lose weight) it can cause you to lose muscle instead of actual fat and if you don't have much fat to start with your breastmilks' fat content will drop causing your baby to feel hungry more often. Scientists think that the high cholesterol content of breastmilk is why breastfed babies have less heart disease as adults, because they think breastmilk "trains" the body how to cope with cholesterol.

      I learnt this from La Leche when I was doing the breastfeeding counselor's course with them. They were very good and brought in doctors, phychologists and scientists and even a plastic surgeon to lecture us and explain to us the many ways in which the breast can be damaged or milk production can be affected.

      It's great that you are breastfeeding. I breastfed all of my babies until they were about 2-and-a-half years old (except the youngest who resisted being weaned until he was 3 - he was the most stubborn child) and have been a breastfeeding counselor since 1990. The clinic nurses were constantly telling me my babies were "fat" despite the fact that they were on breast only but my doctor told me to ignore them and she was right. All three lost their "baby fat" by the time they started walking and not one of them has had any issues with their weight as children or adults. They are all tall and quite healthy and have lean muscled bodies. I miss those cuddly little babies (those muscles are not so nice to hug:D), but I am happy that they are so well.
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      Arghh where were you the last 3 years, I just weaned!

      Any chance you know how long it takes to dry up? it has been a month and a half now and still there!
      Low Carb in a Nutshell ~ Carb Counts ~ Research ~ Measurements/Conversions ~ Glossary

      Let me know if you think of anything else handy from the site to put here.
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      That is interesting information about breastfeeding. I love breastfeeing my daughter, but at the same time feel so crap about my self. I am restricting carbs to one serve per meal to see if that works and eating protein every 3 hours. I have a scale that tells you fat and muscle mass I have 42% fat and 24% muscle!! Almost half my 96kg body is fat!!!!

    • Re: Bodytrim Diet

      Sorry Sherrie if I'd seen the LC light earlier I would have been here earlier :D Congratulations on keeping it up for so long!

      Unfortunately I can't give you any definite answers on drying up because it varies from person to person depending on hormone levels and how you weaned. The best way to dry up without issues is to wean really slowly over a long period of time (4-6 months) and then not to express any milk or do anything to stimulate milk production for as long as it takes after that for the milk to dry up. What you must do is not express milk by any means as this will trigger your body to keep producing. For some women even forplay involving their breasts can trigger their bodies into thinking it needs to produce more milk.

      Some women dry up within a week or so of weaning, others take longer and it can take several months before you stop leaking and actively producing breastmilk. Keep up your fluid intake so you don't get engorged and if you already have engorgement issues cold cabbage leaves do the trick. Parsley (in tea or eaten) and sage tea are both good for reducing milkflow.

      Avoid brewers yeast (beer), fennel and oatmeal during this period as these stimulate milk production.

      Be aware of the fact that many women are still able to express small amounts of weak milk for many years after breastfeeding. This is normal and won't cause you any issues as it doesn't leak or start the whole thing up again, it is just there, in very small amounts for some reason or another. Since it happens to many women and is perfectly normal I am sure we'll find out that it is to our benefit some time or another :p

      It's not an exact science and I guess that's why many women prefer the pills rather than the natural method. I for one prefer not to use drugs if I can avoid it, but it is an individual choice which I respect.