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    • Bodytrim Diet

      heyy debz, ive started the diet and its working good for me losing 5 kilos in the first 3 days of detox but hes said its the liquids in my body that ive lost but eventually i will lose fat on the way. ill stay posted on my progress after about 2 weeks then get back to yahh. i use to weigh 109 haha not im 105. i kinda lost the plot a little
    • Re: Bodytrim Diet

      Hey KGB

      I lost 10 kg easily whilst breastfeeding my son and I used the Weight Watchers Pregnancy and Lactation Plan.

      It advised
      2-3 servings of protein
      3-4 servings of dairy
      4-5 servings of fruit
      At LEAST 6 servings of vegetables
      7-8 servings of starchy carbohydrates

      Additionally it recommends you choose
      2 tsp vegetable oil or
      2 tsp canola margarine (without trans fatty acids) or
      15g nuts or
      1/2 medium avocado

      Remember to keep up the fluid too!

      I found it relatively easy and I did not lose my milk supply at all !
      But... now my children are older and the weight has sneaked back on I am trying BT - no milk supply to worry about.

      good luck
    • Re: Bodytrim Diet

      Maso, you're not serious amount the amounts they suggested. How can you eat that amount - 4-5 servings of fruit, 6 servings of vegies, 7-8 servings of starchy carbs??
      How big are the servings?
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      (Started 27/8/12 at 77.8kg)
    • Re: Bodytrim Diet

      Snez, I know!
      It sounds huge ! ... but I have the lactation book in front of me. It suggests that if you are not active aim for the lower range and if activer, then aim high. Actually I just realised that I looked at the Pregnancy plan, the laction plan actually is the same but says 4 tsp of the fats which is more! It is after all for breast feeding mums.
      A serving of protein is around 100g or your palm minus your fingers
      Dairy is around 1 cup of low fat dairy products or 30g of cheese
      Fruit is 1 tbs dried fruit or 1 small banana or 1 medium of most others
      Veg is about a cupped handful or about 1 cup
      Starchy carbs are 1 slice bread or 1 small bowl of cereal or 1 cup or rice or pasta

      I know it seems like a lot - I can't believe that I actually lost weight eating like that but I did. It is amazing how much making milk must use.

      Maso :)
    • Re: Bodytrim Diet

      Unfortunetly nothing is working for me, I have tried eating less than suggested and tried BT for a month. I lost a couple of kgs in the first week and then nothing but another 200gms. I know they say that is healthy but I have over 27kgs to lose.

      I am really depressed and finding it hard to manage life because of the baby. My body is retaining the weight not matter what I do. I can't bear it any more. I had a function on today and felt horrible the entire day because I can't lose weight.

      I have nothing else to try. Atkins does not work for me either.

    • Re: Bodytrim Diet

      Karol are you taking any meds? have you tried taking temperatures and testing for thyroid? If it means anything I am having heaps of trouble since I started weaning and then stopped breastfeeding and then when I was put on cortisol for a couple of weeks I GAINED. I am not very happy atm but we just have to keep plugging away until we figure it out. Are you exercising?

      Hey Maso I lost weight without really trying as well in the beginning, when I fell pregnant an endo did tell me that he thought I would go hyperthyroid after I had my baby so that is probably what happened and then it swung the other way, perhaps that happened for you too? as it is pretty common.
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    • Re: Bodytrim Diet

      Hey KGB, why don't you tell us what your eating? Between us all here we might be able to see if there's a problem. How long did you try Atkins for? I wouldn't suggest eating less than it says as your body will go into 'starvation mode' and retain whatever it can.
      You might need to try eating more and increasing your exercise - could be any number of things but it's really hard to try and help if we don't know what it is your doing now :)


      "The most important person to be honest with is yourself"
    • Re: Bodytrim Diet

      Hey Karol,
      This must all be so hard for you and very disappointing, you're obviously not happy carrying all that weight so what do you think you'll do?
      Did you post your food intake into a diary here while you were on Atkins ?
      Maybe you could try that, others may be able to see where you're going wrong (if you are) and can offer suggestions.
      Could be worth a try - give it another go - you've got nothing to lose but weight.
      Hope you find a solution.

      Lord, Grant me the Serenity to accept the things I cannot change,
      Courage to change the things I can,
      and the Wisdom to hide the bodies of the people I may have to kill because they p!$$ me off.
    • Re: Bodytrim Diet


      I just don't know what to say that is not lame. I know what it is like to be bigger than you want, but just being able to love and be there for your baby is such a great event. They cause untold stress and such depth of emotion it is hard to fathom I wouldn't swap one second of it looking back.

      Just hang in there, change occurs but sometimes not when we want it to or in the time frame we want either.

    • Re: Bodytrim Diet

      Hi Everyone

      I've just joined today so really don't know how to work this thing. Anyway, a lot of the previous messages struck a cord with me. From my 20's till about 40 I sat around the 55kg mark. I then put on a little extra weight which wasn't a big problem. Then about 4 years ago I got sick and was put on steroids. Things changed very quickly. I was already going to the gym for fitness reasons but with the steroids I just started to stack on the kilo's. I used to look at myself in the mirrors during class and get depressed because I was putting on weight.

      Once off the steroids I lost a little but nowhere near what I had put on. The next thing I had a total hysterectomy. I'm sure the old wives tales are true about your body and being over 40 plus having a hysterechtomy are true. No matter how much I try I can't budge the fat.

      I'm not into fad diets as I know you have to make a life style change. I've been in constant talks with my trainer and been surfing the net for the best weight loss programs. I have decided to go the bodytrim way. Everything in their is pretty much common sense.

      I started today. My weight right now is 74.1kg. My ultimate goal is about 55 - 60kg. I'm really working to reduce my body fat by 18%.

      I'll stay in touch with updates. From what I have read in this forum I'm sure I have chosen the right program.

    • Re: Bodytrim Diet

      Hey Pudgy, the hysterectomy and steroids may have messed with your thyroid, go here: Thyroid 101 and do the temperature test. You sound active and this is your first diet? I would probably be careful of letting calories dip too low which will be very likely on Bodytrim.
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    • Re: Bodytrim Diet

      Hello everyone!

      Im a bit new but I've been keeping an eye on this forum for a while now and I was wondering if you guys could help me. My partner and I have been on the BT diet since June of last year. Ive lost 11kgs so far which is awesome but for the past 4mths both of us have just plateaued.
      Its really frustrating because we are both very strict with our foods. I try to get the 10,000 steps in but most days can only hit around 8,500 due to my sitdown job.

      We tried going off the diet over christmas to kick start the metabolisms again - I put on 2kg but lost that in the mth after xmas, but now im back to square one and we just dont know what to do!

      Could it be our snacks? We have the protien balls as our nightly snacks since there is only so much meat I can eat in a day!

      Has anyone else had the same probs on the BT diet? Any suggestions?

      Thanks guys!

    • Re: Bodytrim Diet

      Hmm Ruth, sounds like the carb ups don't prevent adaption like suggested. How low fat do you go? Your body may have slowed down to match what you eat during the week. I would suggest giving Atkins a try not just because I like this diet but because it is different and will shake things up a bit. But if you do it remember no low fat stuff, you don't have to gorge on fat but you do have to stop skimping on it as it is necessary to keep calories up otherwise you will just feel like poo.

      Also I would suggest changing your exercise, if you have just been doing cardio related exercise like walking since June then your body has adapted to that as well so change it. If you up your calories then you should be able to handle something a bit more, I personally recommend resistance training.
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    • Re: Bodytrim Diet

      Hi Sherrie,

      Im not sure how low fat we go but a typical day goes:
      B/Fast : porridge w. protien powder & sultanas
      Snack: 50-100gms deli meat (depending if I've done exercise in the morn)
      Lunch: Salad w. mushrooms, capsicum, spinach leaves, deli meat & mayo
      Snack: Boiled Egg
      Dinner: Grilled meat w. salad & sauce (like bernaise)
      Snack: 2x Protien Balls

      We have sausages a bit but mainly go for chicken or pork because they are low fat, so I guess we dont have a whole lot at all, except on our free day :D

      The thing I worry about with the atkins diet is that there is no free day and I dont think I could handle not being able to have my cookies & icecream & pasta! Does it hurt much to be naughty once a week or so? And it just doesnt seem right to eat so much fat either... I've looked at some of the Atkins bars a few times for a snack alternative and the fat content really shocked me! :eek:

      Im also a slacker on excercise - i dont get much time but maybe if I halve my walk and do some sit ups with weights it would have a better effect? I just got a minitramp for xmas which is so fun but really exhausting, it is starting to shake the routine up a bit.

      Thanks for the suggestions I'll try to turn my excercise routine around with a bit of weights... I have a dumbell around here somewhere... keep you updated!

      Ohh also how much excercise do you have to do on Atkins? :confused:
    • Re: Bodytrim Diet

      Exercise is just to compliment the diet really, even if you start with doing things like push ups and head stands against the wall, things like that it will all help. Resistance training is important in my opinion as it helps build and maintain muscle and bone mass. This is important during dieting as we tend to lose some, as well as important for maintenance as it raises your metabolism.

      How much do you have to lose? You may find you need to say bye bye to the crappy carbs like wheat and sugar!

      The only way a person can really handle a lot of these in their diet is if they exercise hard, are still growing or are hyperthyroid (where your metabolism runs fast). But even then a lot still don't handle them well due to intolerance's or tendencies towards metabolic syndrome.

      For treats you can make low carb versions of all those foods you mentioned that you miss and I actually prefer having low carb versions of pasta. what I do is cut zucchini in strips or macaroni size, pan fry it in a little olive oil and butter and use that as my pasta.

      In regards to carb ups, its not really part of Atkins and I'd highly recommend abstaining for at least the first couple of weeks but after that its up to you. For someone that doesn't exercise a lot, I don't think they are the greatest idea to do as a regular planned thing. Everyone has their moments and goes off plan for whatever reason sometimes, so it tends to happen anyway, just not every week.

      However, you may find it is not as bad as you expect, quite a few ladies that switched over said the same as you and then once they made the switch found that it was easier because they didn't have those weekly up and downs due to the carb ups - as well as having more flexibility with their regular meals and not having to eat so many meals per day.

      With the fat, this is something everyone has to work through and it takes time to realise fat is okay and can be healthy. There's plenty of articles floating around the forum that are good reading on the subject, some should be linked in the Important Low Carb Articles thread that is stickied in the Low Carb Living section of the forums.

      Personally, I would avoid the Atkins bars anyway as sugar alcohols are usually more a hindrance then a help but some do ok with them in their diet.
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    • Re: Bodytrim Diet

      Hi All

      Just finished the 3 day detox. It was easier than I had expected although I had to remeber to eat. Haven't weighed myself will do that tomorrow at the gym. I know I have lost some weight as my shirt doesn't gape as much :):). Felt really good when I woke up this morning. Hangin out for the vegies though (thought I would never say that). Will keep you posted.